Why pack goats are the ultimate backcountry companion
Aaron Hill
Popularized by biologist John Mionczynski in the 1980s in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, goat packing can help you boldly go on any backcountry adventure in comfort and style. [...]
Wendel Wirth’s photography invites one to decide the story
Jennifer Liebrum
Wendel Wirth discusses her recent body of work called, “THIS IS THE PLACE,” an exploration of minimalist art found in Idaho’s fading farmland. [...]
Pioneer Cabin stands the test of time
Ben Bradley
Nestled at the base of Idaho’s imposing Pioneer Mountain peaks, Pioneer Cabin seems almost defiant in its remote, rugged location, epitomizing humanity’s innate desire to tame the wilderness. [...]
Ghosts stories of the Wood River Valley
Bryant Dunn
The early history of the Wood River Valley is colorful and well-documented, but what became of those early settlers? Legend has it the ghosts of men and women who lived and died in the local boom towns continue to haunt local watering holes and ghost towns to this very day. [...]
A history of the simple (and irresistible) sandwich
Ben Bradley
From hoagies and grinders, to po’boys and bánh mis, the word sandwich means something different to everyone. And perhaps it’s the sandwich’s amorphous nature that has led to its ubiquity and universal appeal. [...]
World-class speakers converge for Sun Valley Wellness Festival
Lori Eggers Currie
Wellness, as a lifestyle, has reached new importance due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic this past year. The Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference (SVWFC) has been on the forefront of the wellness movement for decades. [...]
Historic North Fork Store finds new purpose and location
Kate Hull
It's been a general store, a gas station, and a trailer park—and even made its way to the silver screen alongside Marilyn Monroe in the 1956 film, “Bus Stop.” Now, the North Fork Store is in yet another chapter as a stunning single-family home. [...]
New site at Quigley Canyon gets high marks
Karen Bossick
Nathan Kolar watched as a great blue heron winged its way above freshly turned dirt at the edge of a 1,200-acre conservation easement out Quigley Canyon. He stopped at a weathervane planted at the edge of what will become The Sage School’s new campus. [...]
Ketchum Fire Department’s fierce female firefighters
Hayden Seder
Ketchum’s fire department is an exception to other locations where men dominate their force—one-third of the Ketchum Fire Department is female. Here, we meet some of the brave women who protect and server our community. [...]
Family-Grown and Milled Artisanal Flour
Hayden Seder
Family-Grown and Milled Artisanal Flour [...]
Salmon River steelhead, lesser known than salmon, face equally difficult challenges
Brent Lawson
While the plight of wild salmon is often the subject of great debate and policy fights, the challenges Salmon River steelhead face are less well known, though equally formidable. [...]
Sun Valley nuptials and a memorable day of love and family
Kate Hull
Emily and Douglas Manchester said “I do” on a picture-perfect summer day at Trail Creek Cabin, an intimate affair shared with their family and closest friends. [...]