The top ski mountains in Idaho (not named Sun Valley)
Jonathan Mentzer
While Sun Valley is the oldest, it’s not the largest, nor does it get the most snow. However, the lasting effect of Sun Valley’s impact on the culture is felt throughout the world—and in Idaho itself.     [...]
Hand-crafted weapons that compliment more than compete
Winter Warchol
For an item meant to last the test of time, it only makes sense that David Oscarson draws inspiration from history for his intricate pens and knives. Creating these pens begins when pure sterling silver is bored out of their workshop in London. Using a guilloché technique dating back to the Russian Empire, the patterns for each individual collection are not cast or struck with a die. [...]
Sun Valley ski inventions over the ages
Dick Dorworth
Sun Valley has been at the forefront of more skiing progress, growth and inventions since it opened in December 1936 than can be mentioned here. It continues to do so in numerous areas, including ski gear. [...]
Tuning is what you've been missing
Ben Bradley
As long as there have been humans strapping skis to their feet, there have been other humans ensuring that those skis are well-maintained and tuned to the task at hand. Whether trekking across miles of snow and ice to hunt a walrus or grabbing your lunch lap to engender envy among your work-bound peers, it is more effective (and fun) when your skis work.   [...]
Elevating provisions at high altitude
Lori Williams
A hearty meal fuels the fun of such a backcountry excursion. If you are planning a do-it-yourself yurt trip, there’s no reason hearty can’t be decadent or sophisticated.    [...]
50 Years of Dry Land Ski Training: The Old, The New, The Lessons Learned
Bill Nurge, M.A. Exercise Physiology
There’s a lot in the winter world that hasn’t changed; like outlier athletes who loathe conventional wisdom, train “out of the box,” and consistently find ways to win. Let’s get started with 50 years of dry-land training for Nordic skiing’s younger, adrenaline-addicted sibling, alpine skiing!     [...]
BEFORE + AFTER: An eighties log cabin is modernized
Finding creative solutions to update a traditional  Ketchum log home built in the ‘80s is no easy task, especially when it involves keeping the integrity of the exposed log-supporting beams and structure intact. [...]
Playtime with Purpose
Toying around with an idea can lead to big things. Lovevery, a company specializing in toys and books for early child development, was founded in 2017 by Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris. [...]
The skier, the mountain man, the planner ... and Sun Valley Resort's second owner
Van Gordon Sauter (Excerpted from "The Sun Valley Story," Mandala Media, 2011)
Bill Janss, a son of the firm’s founder, had been educated at Stanford and was a skilled skier. He had skied Sun Valley for years and was on the 1940 U.S. Olympic Team (those games were canceled because of war). Janss possessed a winning personality, a broad range of cultural interests and a keen sense of product. [...]
Bellevue's Cutthroat Club is set to shine the light in the south
Jonathan Mentzer
There’s something simmering down south in Bellevue. In the usually sleepy town that is known for being the “Gateway to [...]
Salmon River steelhead, lesser known than salmon, face equally difficult challenges
Brent Lawson
While the plight of wild salmon is often the subject of great debate and policy fights, the challenges Salmon River steelhead face are less well known, though equally formidable. [...]
Sun Valley nuptials and a memorable day of love and family
Kate Hull
Emily and Douglas Manchester said “I do” on a picture-perfect summer day at Trail Creek Cabin, an intimate affair shared with their family and closest friends. [...]