With a trout on the line, the world became James Carlin's oyster
By Jennifer Liebrum
Can a 16-year-old, fly-tying prodigy apply his skills and hard-earned patience to save the environment? When James Carlin was 8, [...]
E-Bikes Find a Niche in the Wood River Valley
By Karen Bossick
E-bikes, which have electric motors that assist pedal power, were a bit of a tough sell when they made their debut in Sun Valley 15 years ago. They’re all the rage now, thanks to bikes that weigh under 40 pounds and have a range of 50 miles or more ... [...]
The Sun Valley area boasts a diverse and cosmopolitan art community. Here is a sampling of what’s in store at [...]
Aligning Life with Scottish Highland Cows
By Jamie Truppi | Photos Hillary Maybery
Scottish Highland cattle represent 1,500 years of breeding and is the only meat the Queen of England will eat—and have now landed happily in the Wood River Valley. [...]
Finding Solace in Idaho’s Land of Plenty
By Kate Hull
Our access to the outdoors is our identity and intrinsically interwoven into our life here in the mountains of Idaho ... [...]
Stanley Baking Company Kitchen Adventures in the Sawtooths
By Sarah Linville
In the winter of 2003, the relatively newly married couple Tim and Becky Cron bought the Stanley Baking Company in the dirt-road heart of Stanley, Idaho ... a place where homemade meals are served, the baked goods are legendary, and the atmosphere is humming. [...]
Unmasking the Superheroes of the Food Industry
By Jamie Truppi
  Asking a nutritionist to define “superfoods” is like asking a 7-year-old to tell you about his favorite superhero character—responses [...]
A sanctuary on the Big Wood
By Karen Bossick | Photography by Heidi A. Long, Longviews Studios
It looks as if the two-story home has been there for a hundred years. But it was built yesterday, fashioned [...]
Three locals make a mark on the fashion world
By Kate Hull
Blame it on the fresh mountain air—how could it not spark creativity?—or maybe even the mountain town pace, but whatever [...]
Stories of love, connection and community during the COVID-19 crisis
Words & Photos By Angie Smith
Finding meaning, connection and humanity together through the telling of real human stories from the frontlines of the pandemic, taken at a distance through the lens of photographer Angie Smith. [...]
By Kate Hull
In the lounge at Ketchum’s new downtown hotel, Limelight, patrons are welcomed with brightly hued chairs, an array of cozy [...]
Salmon River steelhead, lesser known than salmon, face equally difficult challenges
Brent Lawson
While the plight of wild salmon is often the subject of great debate and policy fights, the challenges Salmon River [...]
By Kate Hull
Brooke Camps and Brooks Pierce met while at a small bank in Winston-Salem, N.C., where they were completing a risk [...]