Is Abraham Verghese stealing time?
His first book, My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story, is a memoir that chronicles his experience as a physician in the American heartland at the front lines of the AIDS epidemic, and was a 1994 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist and a Time Best Book of the Year. [...]
Woodcutter Tom Hammick’s Gallery Debut
“Watch movies, eat good food, explore, be inquisitive. - Tom Hammick [...]
Ardent for the ancient and emotional art of encaustic
Passion gets messy. Especially if it’s been smoldering, collecting energy through the years, and eventually igniting a soul. That is the ardor behind the flame of encaustic artist Jodie Stejer, who, five years ago, began fervently pursuing the medium. She fully realizes “that it’s been the greatest discovery of my true self so far.” [...]
A charge to do the work, and then some
When hearing Naomi McDougall Jones talk about her latest projects, it’s nearly impossible to not soak in the residual inspiration radiating from her passionate and creative energy. An award-winning storyteller, changemaker, and, most recently, a certified death doula, Naomi has her hand and heart, no doubt, in a variety of exhilarating projects. “I feel so expansively excited about so many things right now,” she says. [...]
A love of nature led Robert Moore to a life of painting
By Hayden Seder
The process of painting for impressionistic oil painter Robert Moore is practically a full-body experience, involving constant rotation of the [...]
Rick Bean won't be fenced in
By Jennifer Liebrum
Rick Bean wasn’t born with $45,000 saddles under him, but he has made them. The Meridian, Idaho resident doesn’t hold [...]
"The greatest Idaho film that ever was"
By Lori Currie
The short film “Meridian” screened at the Sun Valley Film Festival in March and struck a chord with audiences, with [...]
The multi-dimensional nature of her writing
By Winslow Brokaw
Where do dreams, ideas and stories come from? Most of us are so immersed in our physical lives that ew [...]
David Yarrow’s iconic images of the American West
By Laurie Sammis
Evocative and immersive, stark and revealing, the extraordinary photography of British fine-art photographer, conservationist, and author, David Yarrow, has a story to tell. Yarrow’s large-scale pigment print photographs offer a unique perspective on the world, and nowhere is this more evident than in his recent series [...]
Touching writer David Cale’s heart might just make you famous 
By Jennifer Liebrum
David Cale, the Obie award-winning playwright (“We’re Only Alive for a Short Time”) and performance artist, was a recent guest of The Community Library for a month as the first playwright in residence. He spent 30 days in the former home of Ernest Hemingway incubating ideas beside the Big Wood River. [...]