Local galleries bringing international art to Idaho
By Caroline Albro
“When I enter the studio, I do not so much begin with an idea as an endeavor to arrive at [...]
The Sun Valley area boasts a diverse and cosmopolitan art community. Here is a sampling of what's in store at galleries in the next few months.
OCTOBER EXHIBITIONS BROCHOFSKY GALLERIES October – December “American Art” Works from the early explorer artists interpreting the west through new [...]
Glenn Janss shares her life stories and the compelling history behind the Sun Valley Museum of Art
By Jennifer Liebrum
Glenn Janss is a tireless listener. Even when the interview is supposed to be about her own rich life story [...]
The Sun Valley area boasts a diverse and cosmopolitan art community. Here is a sampling of what’s in store at [...]
Exceptional Beauty of the Sun Valley Pavilion and a Legacy of Supporting the Arts
Dance has long had the power to transport and inspire audiences. When ballet comes to the Sun Valley Pavilion, a new dimension is added—exceptional art in a setting that is as beautiful as the performance itself. [...]
Alasdair Neale’s Proverbial Bolt of Lightning Benefits the Sun Valley Music Festival
By By Andy Kerstetter
Alasdair Neale, music director of the Sun Valley Music Festival (formerly known as the Sun Valley Summer Symphony), still remembers his first “aha” moment—the turning point when he knew that music would be his lifelong passion. [...]
‘Light Bearer and Shadow Player’
By By Jennifer Liebrum
  We shall have champagne!” Spoken in a melodic, accented English, this was not an inquiry. Artist Anna Skibska had [...]
Actor Scott Glenn and the poet rising from within
By By Jennifer Liebrum | Photography by Kirsten Shultz
  Scott Glenn is a lot of things: lauded actor, Idaho deputy, Lamaze coach, Marine, hero to three drowning children, [...]
Plein Air artists brave the cold to catch perfect moments
By By Andy Kerstetter
  When the snow starts piling up in Sun Valley, winter enthusiasts throughout the region don their warm clothes and [...]
Jean Richardson's intentional vagueries on canvas liberate the viewer's soul
By By Jennifer Liebrum
“Most women artists in our art history books were lovers of men artists,” Jean Richardson said of her crossing from [...]