"The greatest Idaho film that ever was"
By Lori Currie
The short film “Meridian” screened at the Sun Valley Film Festival in March and struck a chord with audiences, with [...]
The multi-dimensional nature of her writing
By Winslow Brokaw
Where do dreams, ideas and stories come from? Most of us are so immersed in our physical lives that ew [...]
David Yarrow’s iconic images of the American West
By Laurie Sammis
Evocative and immersive, stark and revealing, the extraordinary photography of British fine-art photographer, conservationist, and author, David Yarrow, has a story to tell. Yarrow’s large-scale pigment print photographs offer a unique perspective on the world, and nowhere is this more evident than in his recent series [...]
Touching writer David Cale’s heart might just make you famous 
By Jennifer Liebrum
David Cale, the Obie award-winning playwright (“We’re Only Alive for a Short Time”) and performance artist, was a recent guest of The Community Library for a month as the first playwright in residence. He spent 30 days in the former home of Ernest Hemingway incubating ideas beside the Big Wood River. [...]
Local artists create the Sun Valley soundtrack
By Ben Bradley
Following in the footsteps of past mainstays like Old Death Whisper and Scotch Pines, these current favorite artists are among the latest talents laying down the Sun Valley soundtrack in venues large and small. Read on to meet Moonshine Schubert, High Mtn Heard, Pisten Bulleys and Hurdy Gurdy Girls. [...]
The Hollywood heavyweight is not slowing down
By Laurie Sammis
After more than 66 years in the business and over 96 major award nominations and a staggering number of wins, Clint Eastwood has earned the right to speak about the art of acting and filmmaking in any damn way he likes. And that’s exactly what he does—and some of it might be unexpected. [...]
Idaho’s Anthony Doerr delivers another tour de force
By Jill Kuraitis
“Cloud Cuckoo Land” is an ambitious novel, one that transcends the boundaries of time and space to leave readers transformed and, more importantly, hopeful about our shared human experience. [...]
From the Hall of Fame to saving Idaho’s forests, Carole King’s legacy continues
By Lori Eggers Currie
On the 50th anniversary of her multi-platinum album, “Tapestry,” Carole King is not slowing down. The singer-songwriter has been in the spotlight again lately, in the long-awaited Aretha Franklin biopic, “Respect.” [...]
Wendel Wirth’s photography invites one to decide the story
By Jennifer Liebrum
Wendel Wirth discusses her recent body of work called, “THIS IS THE PLACE,” an exploration of minimalist art found in Idaho’s fading farmland. [...]
Sun Valley Music Festival returns in person
By Hayden Seder
After last summer’s hiatus, the Sun Valley Music Festival will return, in person, for its 37th summer season at the Sun Valley Pavilion. The largest admission-free classical music festival in the U.S., the Sun Valley Music Festival features over a dozen concerts as well as outreach and educational events during its summer season, this year taking place from July 26 to August 19. [...]