Family-Grown and Milled Artisanal Flour
Hayden Seder
When talking to Brett Stevenson, the founder of Hillside Grain, the excitement in her voice conveys the passion she has [...]
Women Chefs Add Sweetness and Sizzle
Kate Hull
From sweet to savory, the Wood River Valley is known for serving up delicious and inspired entrees, pastries, cakes, and [...]
Five Innovative Leaders in Idaho's Food Industry
Caroline Albro
Ever since the planting of the first potato in Idaho soil back in the mid-19th century, Idaho has enjoyed a [...]
The healing power of this powerful fungi
Laurie Sammis
Most people are familiar with the edible mushroom (fungi) varieties such as cremini, portobello, oyster, morel, porcini or button mushrooms. [...]
The Simple Art of Drinking for Your Health
Paulette Phlipot
The history of tea dates back thousands of years and is deeply embedded in cultures from China to India and [...]
Stanley Baking Company Kitchen Adventures in the Sawtooths
By Sarah Linville
In the winter of 2003, the relatively newly married couple Tim and Becky Cron bought the Stanley Baking Company in the dirt-road heart of Stanley, Idaho ... a place where homemade meals are served, the baked goods are legendary, and the atmosphere is humming. [...]
Inside the Ketchum Main Street expansion that was worth the wait
By Jonathan P. Mentzer | Photos By Ray J. Gadd
Warfield Co-owners Ben Bradley and Alex Buck share a passion for handcrafted beer and spirits—bringing quality craftsmanship to each endeavor. Their motto: “Put Good In, Get Good Out” has guided every step along their path. [...]
POPULARITY: Undisptued Endless Variations on a Classic | ORIGIN: Uncertain
By Hayden Seder | Photos By Kirsten Shultz
The margarita is most often associated with Americanized Cinco de Mayo celebrations where it is served in 32-ounce glasses and filled to the brim with store-bought mix. But like anything that originates in a barroom, this drink has a storied history (several versions, actually) and can be made in dozens of delicious variations [...]
Piedaho dishes up delicious desserts from the Gem State to the Big Apple
By Kate Hull
Rebecca Bloom’s flourishing artisanal pie business, Piedaho Bakery, is dressed to the nines. These aren't just your standard rhubarb, apple, or pumpkin—Piedaho jazzes up each pie with artful crust work and exciting flavor combinations like raspberry ginger, salted caramel apple, or spiced pear with pecan streusel. [...]
The Sun Valley Culinary Institute to open its doors after the New Year
By Cheryl Haas
  The year 2020 will be a transformative one for what used to be the Cornerstone Bar on Main Street [...]