Elevating provisions at high altitude
Lori Williams
A hearty meal fuels the fun of such a backcountry excursion. If you are planning a do-it-yourself yurt trip, there’s no reason hearty can’t be decadent or sophisticated.    [...]
Wild Idaho spring pizza recipe
Jamie Truppi
Despite fall not being the prime morel season, this is a timeless activity for those looking for friendly fungi. Use this guide in the spring when morels are shooting up from the ground to be prepared. [...]
With nearly 200,000 cases produced annually, the gem state’s wine country gains popularity
The unusually long, wet spring has produced a restlessness for Idaho wine growers who—like their clientele—are more than ready for patio season to begin. [...]
Sourceable recipes in support of local food and farms of Idaho
Farming and ranching are as integral to Idaho as, well, potatoes and French fries. It is in our blood and on our license plates, and Idaho stands as the third largest agricultural state in the West, with a good portion of the lands dedicated to farming fanning out from the areas surrounding the Wood River Valley, following the course of the Snake River as it cuts across the southern part of the state. [...]
Savory wild game recipes to slay your guests
Lori Currie
With the advent of autumn, the days grow shorter, and the shadows grow longer across the mountains. The hunters in [...]
A foodie's guide to Sun Valley's culinary scene
Hayden Seder
Visitors come to Sun Valley for its outdoor splendor: mountain vistas, town accessible trails, lakes, and rivers—it can’t be beat. [...]
Impact Idaho Fund supports regional food systems
Mike Gordon
The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience has been raising awareness about the importance of regional food systems through the Local [...]
A spicy history of the tasty little taco
Lori Currie
Tacos are a go-to meal option for many Americans. In fact, in the United States alone, it is estimated that [...]
The evolution of the appetizer
Lori Currie
The dishes we serve prior to the main course are designed to whet the appetite and set the tone for the meal. They occupy the mind and belly while guests wait for the main event that will satisfy their hunger to the fullest. So, when and where did this practice originate? [...]
The history of Idaho's ubiquitous root vegatable
Winslow Brokaw
Today, Idaho is the undisputed potato capital of the nation, harvesting 13 billion pounds of potatoes annually, which contributes 30,000 jobs and $2.7 billion to the state’s economy. Here we examine the history of the delightful tuber, specifically an invention by Potato King J.R. Simplot and its contribution to WWII. [...]