SVM_S12_Cover.jpgSun Valley Magazine is the result of a commitment to celebrating life here in the Wood River Valley in Central Idaho. Everyone needs the occasional reminder of the reasons they live anywhere—this is our raison d’etres. It gets us up everyday and out the door asking “Tell me something I don’t know . . .” so we can fill you in on the stories that are the fabric of our lives here. Our goal is to break down the barriers, open eyes and leave a mark on your memory. We hope that if you live here too, or just love it here as much as we do, then our magazine will resonate. Although a locally-based magazine, we don’t shy from regional stories. And, our publications are sold nationally in more than 400 locations nationwide, notably the Boise Airport and Salt Lake International Airport, Barnes & Noble, regional Albertson’s markets, as well as the local Atkinsons’ Markets and local bookstores and gift shops. Thank you for sharing your world so we can share it with others.


Laurie C. Sammis, publisher/editor-in-chief

Laurie Sammis is a publisher by profession and lover of world travel, foreign cultures, the arts, languages, souls, birds of prey, wild spaces and all pure bodies of water, whether fresh or saltwater. At the age of eight she began writing small plays and newscasts for her siblings to perform, which grew into a passion for the creative process and everything you discover by asking the questions “why” and “how.” Her love of the written word has taken her to Africa, Polynesia, Nepal, the outback of Australia and, eventually, back home to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Adam Tanous, managing editor

Adam Tanous, managing editor of Sun Valley Magazine, moved to the Wood River Valley in 1992 to write, ski patrol and run rivers. Twenty-three years later he continues to enjoy all three afflictions, though not nearly as much as he enjoys raising his two children in such a remarkable part of the world. Adam was educated at Williams College, Stanford University, and the University of Virginia, studying English literature, chemical engineering and fiction writing, respectively.

Kate Elgee, production director

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a master’s degree in English Language and Literature, Kate became production director for Sun Valley Magazine. She has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Alicante, Spain, and has couch-surfed through the better part of each continent. But Kate always circles back to Hailey to be near the people and mountains she calls home.

Heather Linhart Coulthard, advertising sales

Linda Murphy, controller