A Library Pioneer
By Patti Murphy
Today, the same sort of ingenuity that launched the library nearly 70 years ago is being continued by another forward-thinking woman, Community Library of Ketchum Executive Director Jenny Emery Davidson. Along with staff, volunteers, board members and the community, she has led an effort to “re-imagine” the library’s space, offerings, and role in the community, transforming it into a hub of activity with more than 100,000 visitors annually. [...]
The Power of Movement
By Carolyn French
Sides is a born and raised Blaine County artist; dance and movement are in her DNA. While her lure to the arts is genetic, her range of talent manifested in Sun Valley. After spending her childhood playing “fairies” in the Sawtooth forests and writing songs with sticks into rocky mountain dirt, Sides owes much of her creative approach to art to her relationship with Sun Valley’s landscape. [...]
The King of Sun Valley
By Cristy Sellas
Joe had it all. He was talented musically; he was charming and handsome and had a great sense of humor. His show was such a hit that The Ram asked him back for two more weeks in March and then for the whole Summer and, ultimately, the entire Winter. Bar sales multiplied exponentially (even with 25-cent beer nights!), and by 1979, the Twin Falls Times-News dubbed him "The King of Sun Valley." [...]
The skier, the mountain man, the planner ... and Sun Valley Resort's second owner
By Van Gordon Sauter (Excerpted from "The Sun Valley Story," Mandala Media, 2011)
Bill Janss, a son of the firm’s founder, had been educated at Stanford and was a skilled skier. He had skied Sun Valley for years and was on the 1940 U.S. Olympic Team (those games were canceled because of war). Janss possessed a winning personality, a broad range of cultural interests and a keen sense of product. [...]
Steward of Sun Valley's Cross-Country Legacy
By John Thomas
Rick Kapala helped put Sun Valley on the map as a cross-country mecca. Kapala began coaching cross-country in 1982 and, by 1987, joined the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) as cross-country program director. He trained hundreds of athletes, many of whom achieved national and international acclaim as Olympians, champions, and even coaches. [...]
An American Skiing Pioneer
By Carolyn French
Picabo Street’s unwavering commitment has always been tethered to the pursuit of speed. Overcoming years of formidable terrain, unceasing travel, and incapacitating injuries, Sun Valley’s Olympic alpine skiing gold medalist blazed a trail for a fresh generation of American winter athletes.   [...]
Giving Everything for the Joy of Skiing
By Laurie Sammis
Banks Gilberti gave up skiing to find joy. What he found was his joy for skiing. He didn’t have a plan. He didn’t have a sponsor. But, he did have a vision and a passion for the mountains and the sport he loved. [...]
A Home that Hugs
Tucked next to the abrupt southern aspect of Dollar Mountain and in the shade of mature cottonwood trees growing next to Trail Creek sits a modern-contemporary home evoking the enduring imagery of Sun Valley itself. [...]
A mindful foundation
Flourish means to thrive and prosper. It’s an appropriate name for the Flourish Foundation, whose mission is to support personal [...]
An ode to a local
If there ever was a truly beloved local who exudes the Sun Valley lifestyle, it’s Nappy Neaman. With his radiant smile, warm personality, cowboy hat and flip-flops, Nappy knows cool. [...]