Retired U.S. Forest Ranger volunteers to care for forests across the globe
By Karen Bossick
A silviculturist once taught Paul Ries how to listen to the forest. “You can walk into the forest, and it’ll tell [...]
Strengthening community and mountain culture through the art world
By Jonathan Mentzer
Ten years ago, Leslie Jackson Chihuly had a vision, and what started as mere chairlift chatter for Chihuly eventually gained [...]
From dirt to grass - and back
By Reid Arthur
Tennis players often talk about whether they prefer playing on “dirt” (a reference to clay court tennis) or “grass” (a [...]
Portrait of a renaissance man and his joie de vivre
By Jake Moe
The very first experience that Andrew Dunning remembers of Sun Valley turned out to be a pivotal moment in his [...]
Local horse whisperer leads with love
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
“Everything I do is for the love of the horse,” says Nicole Brass, horse trainer for River Grove Ranch in [...]
New Galena managers build on love affair with historic lodge
By Karen Bossick
Chelan Pauly thrills to the prospects of setting snowshoe trails around Galena Lodge after two or three feet of new [...]
How Sun Valley inspired their women’s ski brand, Cordova
By Hayden Seder
Ski nostalgia is something Sun Valley has in spades, and Jane and Cody Seim found themselves inspired by the history of ski culture here to found their luxury ski brand, Cordova, in 2014. [...]
The “Foot Guru” gives the Valley happy feet
By Jake Moe
Meet Brent Hansen, founder of Ski Tek, a jubilant fellow that has had a lifetime of athletic excellence. Name any sport, and it is likely that Hansen has not only experimented with it but also excelled. But his passion these days is being the Foot Guru for athletes throughout the Wood River Valley and beyond. [...]
How heartbreak and loss led to hope and understanding
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
Local resident Alan Pesky’s recent book, "More to Life than More: A Memoir of Misunderstanding, Loss, and Learning," examines the layers of his relationship with his late son, Lee, who's legacy inspired the formation of the Lee Pesky Learning Center. [...]
Ketchum Fire Department’s fierce female firefighters
By Hayden Seder
Ketchum’s fire department is an exception to other locations where men dominate their force—one-third of the Ketchum Fire Department is female. Here, we meet some of the brave women who protect and server our community. [...]