How Sun Valley inspired their women’s ski brand, Cordova
By Hayden Seder
Ski nostalgia is something Sun Valley has in spades, and Jane and Cody Seim found themselves inspired by the history of ski culture here to found their luxury ski brand, Cordova, in 2014. [...]
The “Foot Guru” gives the Valley happy feet
By Jake Moe
Meet Brent Hansen, founder of Ski Tek, a jubilant fellow that has had a lifetime of athletic excellence. Name any sport, and it is likely that Hansen has not only experimented with it but also excelled. But his passion these days is being the Foot Guru for athletes throughout the Wood River Valley and beyond. [...]
How heartbreak and loss led to hope and understanding
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
Local resident Alan Pesky’s recent book, "More to Life than More: A Memoir of Misunderstanding, Loss, and Learning," examines the layers of his relationship with his late son, Lee, who's legacy inspired the formation of the Lee Pesky Learning Center. [...]
Ketchum Fire Department’s fierce female firefighters
By Hayden Seder
Ketchum’s fire department is an exception to other locations where men dominate their force—one-third of the Ketchum Fire Department is female. Here, we meet some of the brave women who protect and server our community. [...]
A long legacy of ranching, public service and land conservation
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
In the fall of 1991, to ameliorate conflicts between the sheep and users of the newly opened bike path through the traditional sheep easement, Diane and John Peavey, owners of the Flat Top Sheep Company north of Carey, invited people to join the procession of woollies through the Wood River Valley. [...]
His Seven Summit success story
By Dick Dorworth
Last ski season, Sun Valley’s 59-year-old Mark Pattison skinned up Bald Mountain 45 times as part of the training regimen on his quest to become the first NFL player to reach the top of the highest summits on each of the seven continents. He had already climbed the first six, and his intention was to finish the endeavor with Everest and within 24 hours summit its neighbor Lhotse. [...]
Spreading the Stoke Through Bikepacking
By Dick Dorworth
How one man and his bike are impacting the bikepacking world through their altruistic efforts [...]
Nez Perce heritage brings entrepreneur from prison to prosperity
By Julia Duin
During her darkest days, the undulating melodic quality of her grandfather’s songs were what inspired Stacia Morfin the most. Morfin, whose Indian name is One Who Takes Care of Water, was serving a three-year stint at a federal prison in Victorville, California, when the words to the Nez Perce flag song came to mind... [...]
Hunter and survival guide finds freedom in letting go
By Kitt Doucette
The practice of minimalism influences everything Benji Hill does. He became a survivalist, studying the ancient techniques of building shelters and creating fire. He hunts with bows and arrows he makes himself, and he uses pack goats to help him explore those deep untouched wilderness areas that he’s most interested in. [...]
Pursuit of a Long Happy Life
By Jake Moe
The passion and dedication Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams devote toward their health and wellness is beyond belief. Their secrets to a life well lived. [...]