The evolution of the appetizer
By Lori Currie
The dishes we serve prior to the main course are designed to whet the appetite and set the tone for the meal. They occupy the mind and belly while guests wait for the main event that will satisfy their hunger to the fullest. So, when and where did this practice originate? [...]
The history of Idaho's ubiquitous root vegatable
By Winslow Brokaw
Today, Idaho is the undisputed potato capital of the nation, harvesting 13 billion pounds of potatoes annually, which contributes 30,000 jobs and $2.7 billion to the state’s economy. Here we examine the history of the delightful tuber, specifically an invention by Potato King J.R. Simplot and its contribution to WWII. [...]
Cocktails with a (historic) twist
By Laurie Sammis
Sun Valley’s reputation as a fun-loving “party town” was cemented at the same time it became known as America’s first destination ski resort, and as a result, the watering holes in town have developed a slew of signature cocktails named after the notable stars who like to wet their whistles here. [...]
The powerful connection between food and memory
By Paulette Phlipot
In Sun Valley, many local restaurants have been created out of a desire to share love of childhood memories and favorite foods that have brought comfort to the owners and chefs for many years. [...]
A history of the simple (and irresistible) sandwich
By Ben Bradley
From hoagies and grinders, to po’boys and bánh mis, the word sandwich means something different to everyone. And perhaps it’s the sandwich’s amorphous nature that has led to its ubiquity and universal appeal. [...]
Identifying local edible herbs
By Paulette Phlipot
Along the trails and in backyards across the Wood River Valley, there are a plethora of nutritious plants that are ripe for the picking. More “weeds'' are finding their way into local kitchens as the momentum to eat local and in season increases and as the benefits of eating wild becomes more well known. [...]
Dazzle dinner guests with these recipes from top chefs
By Hayden Seder
This summer, gather your friends and family while enjoying these go-to backyard BBQ recipes from some of Ketchum’s chefs. [...]
Women Chefs Add Sweetness and Sizzle
By Kate Hull
Women Chefs Add Sweetness and Sizzle [...]
Five Innovative Leaders in Idaho's Food Industry
By Caroline Albro
Five Innovative Leaders in Idaho's Food Industry [...]
The healing power of this powerful fungi
By Laurie Sammis
The healing power of this powerful fungi [...]