Exercises to build strength and flexibility
Sarah Linville
For many of us in the Wood River Valley, Winter is the most treasured time of year. Powder days, hockey [...]
How PEMF Therapy Works With Circulation in the Body
Laurie Sammis
Did you know that the heart accounts for only about twenty percent of the total circulation in the human body? [...]
Unmasking the Superheroes of the Food Industry
By Jamie Truppi
  Asking a nutritionist to define “superfoods” is like asking a 7-year-old to tell you about his favorite superhero character—responses [...]
Ketchum’s new ketamine clinic offers some a reprieve from depression
By Hayden Seder
It’s hard not to find some source of depression or anxiety these days: from political turmoil, to climate change-induced natural [...]
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a treatment option for a number of conditions
By Sarah Linville
“The body will heal when it is given the right environment,” said Phil Rainey, sitting in his newly relocated hyperbaric [...]
How to develop flexibility, strength, and focus for the downhill season
By Kira Tenney
If you have a body, do yoga.” That is the key message from Cathie Caccia, a Wood River Valley specialist [...]
A conversation with physician and author Abraham Verghese
By Adam Tanous
The first thing one senses in meeting Abraham Verghese—physician, educator, and best-selling author of both nonfiction and fiction works—is a [...]
The 2019 Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Conference
By McKenna Koon
The Wood River community is no stranger to some of the core tenants of wellness: getting outside on a regular [...]
A spiritual thread that runs from the area's early days to the present
By Dick Dorworth
Though never mainstream, Buddhism has been an undercurrent of Wood River Valley culture since the late 19th century. The first [...]
A look at Paleo, Keto, and Whole30
By Karen Bossick
Alex Margolin was intrigued when author Robb Wolf exhorted him to eat like a caveman in the 2010 book, “The [...]