A sanctuary on the Big Wood
By Karen Bossick | Photography by Heidi A. Long, Longviews Studios
It looks as if the two-story home has been there for a hundred years. But it was built yesterday, fashioned [...]
California style meets mountain rustic
By Kate Hull | Photography by Josh Wells
  Tucked away on five acres by the East Fork of the Big Wood River overlooking national forest, a 6000-square-foot [...]
Move over man caves; make room mantuaries--this oasis is for her
By Kate Hull
She sheds have arrived in style and are staking claim to their rightful space. These detached spaces or rooms in [...]
Designers' tips to spruce up the most-used room in your home without spending a fortune
By Kate Hull
The kitchen is the pulse of the home. It’s where we pour our coffee, converse over meals, and begin and [...]
A dream retreat at Fisher Creek
By Hayden Seder | Photography by Gabe Border
When dreaming of the perfect home, elements that have been stored in the back of one’s mind start to reappear; [...]
A movement to create holistically beneficial spaces
By McKenna Koon
  The nature of a space is determined not simply by square footage or layout. To truly create a space [...]
Sun Valley Resort' undertakes large employee housing project
By Andy Kerstetter
  If you spend even a little time in any given small town in the country, you will likely see [...]
Once an afterthought, mudrooms shine with new designs and materials
by Hayden Seder
  The term “mudroom” conjures up images of that room—typically off the garage—where things without a place or home seemingly [...]
A conversation with HGTV's 'Boise Boys'
By Amy Story Larson
  Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, friends and the working partnership of HGTV’s “Boise Boys,” weren’t seeking business collaboration when [...]
Minimalism, function, and comfort
By Hayden Seder | Photography by Gibeon Photography
  Hidden in a corner of the Warm Springs neighborhood is a home at once anchored by the solidity of [...]