Sun Valley ski inventions over the ages
By Dick Dorworth
Sun Valley has been at the forefront of more skiing progress, growth and inventions since it opened in December 1936 than can be mentioned here. It continues to do so in numerous areas, including ski gear. [...]
An innovative giant in slope fashion anchored in Sun Valley
By Kate Hull
No resort better embodies the cultural idiom of ‘fashion and function’ than Sun Valley. And no luxury athletic brand is as rooted in the innovative, high-performance ski apparel seen on those slopes or the chic, fashion-forward statements dotting the après scene as German luxury ski fashion brand, Bogner. The athletic brand icon and Sun Valley are a match made in winter-sports-fashion heaven.  [...]
The show must go on—updating an iconic original!
By Karen Bossick
Sun Valley's outdoor ice rink is an iconic staple of this world-class winter sports town, but when the iconic arena started to show it's age last year it was time for a revamp. The work put in to build a new rink was a spectacular show of a different sort [...]
The best part of living in Sun Valley is the fall 'slack' season
By Ben Bradley
For Sun Valley locals, 'slack' is the seasonal downturn in tourism that brings more peace and fewer people to the usually busy valley. In the midst of the pandemic it appeared 'slack' was forgone, but this year we have seen the slow-paced months of fall and spring return [...]
Sun Valley Community School considers building staff housing in Elkhorn
By Karen Bossick
Sun Valley Community School has never fallen short of providing their students with an all encompassing K-12 experience. However, a lack of assured affordable housing is making the teacher hiring process difficult, and the proposal of a new housing project may be the answer. [...]
Hempitecture’s green solutions take root in Idaho
"Once a builder tries our products, they can quickly appreciate the unique advantages hemp can deliver. - Jonnie Pedersen, Communications Director [...]
Ketchum local Alex McCoy is redefining lean meats by introducing ostrich to the public
McCoy knew beef might make him lethargic, but after his meal of ostrich meat, he felt energized and completed a 16-mile run that was among his fastest during months of training. [...]
Cassie Abel brings cutting-edge women’s apparel, Wild Rye, to the public
Moreover, Wild Rye is at the head of the pack in setting standards for community outreach, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. It took a specific vision from Abel to achieve such a multifaceted company, and it took years to come to fruition. [...]
Of the Wood River Valley
By Sun Valley Magazine Staff
The history of Ketchum and Sun Valley is so rich and entrenched that any change or construction is usually met with question marks from locals. However, after the pandemic, Ketchum and Sun Valley boomed as if it were the 1980s and beyond. As much as locals would like to keep Ketchum as it was, this beautiful place we call home needed a facelift. [...]
Ketchum’s Iconic Retail Spaces Live On
By WORDS John M. Thomas / PHOTOS Allie Mae Hillman
To the casual vacationer, Ketchum, Idaho, may not appear to change much from year to year. Yet, in the midst of a population boom and a dire scramble for new housing, its nostalgic charm maintains a sense of place. [...]