Pros and cons of dam removal on the lower Snake River
By Brent Lawson
The Snake River dam removal has been one of the hottest environmental and energy debates in the western United States. [...]
Pioneer Cabin stands the test of time
By Ben Bradley
Nestled at the base of Idaho’s imposing Pioneer Mountain peaks, Pioneer Cabin seems almost defiant in its remote, rugged location, epitomizing humanity’s innate desire to tame the wilderness. [...]
Idaho’s wolf kill law in the crosshairs
By Brent Lawson
Despite its turbulent history, the Idaho wolf has, yet again, come to another interesting junction. In 2021, a new Senate bill, SB 1211, calls for Idaho’s wolf population to be reduced from its current estimated size of 1,556 wolves, back to the politically determined level of 150 wolves. [...]
Celebrating 25 years of rich experiences
By Karen Bossick
The Trailing of the Sheep Festival was created to educate newcomers, who were complaining about sheep running down the bike path, on the history of sheep in the Valley. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the beloved event. [...]
An ongoing yet critical issue for Valley residents
By Brent Lawson
Affordable housing in the Wood River Valley continues to percolate as a critical issue for local, longtime Wood River Valley residents. And the lack of accessible, reasonably priced and available housing opportunities in the WRV has been worsened in the past 12 to 18 months. [...]
New site at Quigley Canyon gets high marks
By Karen Bossick
Nathan Kolar watched as a great blue heron winged its way above freshly turned dirt at the edge of a 1,200-acre conservation easement out Quigley Canyon. He stopped at a weathervane planted at the edge of what will become The Sage School’s new campus. [...]
New development gets the green light
By Karen Bossick
The new Warm Springs Ranch project totals 78 acres, 64 of which will remain open space and 14 of which will be developed into 35 single-family homes. [...]
Mountain Overlay Ordinance keeps mountains pristine
By Karen Bossick
Those new to the Wood River Valley are quick to note that the hillsides are not littered with homes as they are in so many mountain towns. The Mountain Overlay Ordinance that has kept our hillsides free of development was done for safety and aesthetics. But many Valley residents were not so appreciative when members of Blaine County Planning and Zoning began formulating the Hillside Ordinance in 1974. [...]
Expanded terrain and top-rated amenities make Sun Valley #1
By Laurie Sammis
Expanded terrain and top-rated amenities make Sun Valley #1 [...]
Zac Mayhew has always been hooked on angling
By Mike Mckenna
Zac Mayhew has always been hooked on angling [...]