Of the Wood River Valley
By Sun Valley Magazine Staff
The history of Ketchum and Sun Valley is so rich and entrenched that any change or construction is usually met with question marks from locals. However, after the pandemic, Ketchum and Sun Valley boomed as if it were the 1980s and beyond. As much as locals would like to keep Ketchum as it was, this beautiful place we call home needed a facelift. [...]
Ketchum’s Iconic Retail Spaces Live On
By WORDS John M. Thomas / PHOTOS Allie Mae Hillman
To the casual vacationer, Ketchum, Idaho, may not appear to change much from year to year. Yet, in the midst of a population boom and a dire scramble for new housing, its nostalgic charm maintains a sense of place. [...]
Mountain film festivals continue growth
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
Co-founders Pate and Grennan are looking forward to the 12th year of the film festival, which will take place March 29 - April 2, 2023. But you can get a sneak peek at a winter screening at the Argyros Theater on December 28. Check out the festival’s website sunvalleyfilmfestival.org for how to get tickets. [...]
What can you see in Idaho's dark skies?
By Chris Anderson, Production Specialist at the Faulkner Planetarium in Twin Falls
Ever since December 2017, when the International Dark Sky Association designated 1,416 square miles around Stanley the “Central Idaho Dark [...]
Top 5 takeaways from the Inflation Reduction Act
By Ben Stern, Curation Manager at The Cool Down
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law by President Joe Biden on August 16 after passing both the [...]
A striking story of the resort’s iconic basement alleys
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
The addition of the bowling alley to the Sun Valley Resort in 1949 coincided with one of the many celebrity [...]
A rundown of Oktoberfest facts and fiction
By Ben Bradley
When the summer days begin to give way to longer, chillier fall nights, one is immediately reminded of how fleeting [...]
The "new normal?"
By Brent Lawson
Despite a relatively wet April and May in Idaho, the National Drought Mitigation Center suggests drought conditions heading into the [...]
Ketchum’s new Housing Action Plan addresses housing crisis
By Hayden Seder
Ketchum—nay, all of Blaine County—is in a housing crisis. Most businesses in town have “Help Wanted” signs in their windows [...]
The latest crop of Sun Valley entrepreneurs
By Ben Bradley
With every shifting season in Sun Valley, a new wave of first-time residents makes their way into town with bright [...]