Ghosts stories of the Wood River Valley
By Bryant Dunn
The early history of the Wood River Valley is colorful and well-documented, but what became of those early settlers? Legend has it the ghosts of men and women who lived and died in the local boom towns continue to haunt local watering holes and ghost towns to this very day. [...]
Ketchum Fire Department’s fierce female firefighters
By Hayden Seder
Ketchum’s fire department is an exception to other locations where men dominate their force—one-third of the Ketchum Fire Department is female. Here, we meet some of the brave women who protect and server our community. [...]
A long legacy of ranching, public service and land conservation
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
In the fall of 1991, to ameliorate conflicts between the sheep and users of the newly opened bike path through the traditional sheep easement, Diane and John Peavey, owners of the Flat Top Sheep Company north of Carey, invited people to join the procession of woollies through the Wood River Valley. [...]
His Seven Summit success story
By Dick Dorworth
Last ski season, Sun Valley’s 59-year-old Mark Pattison skinned up Bald Mountain 45 times as part of the training regimen on his quest to become the first NFL player to reach the top of the highest summits on each of the seven continents. He had already climbed the first six, and his intention was to finish the endeavor with Everest and within 24 hours summit its neighbor Lhotse. [...]
Historic North Fork Store finds new purpose and location
By Kate Hull
It's been a general store, a gas station, and a trailer park—and even made its way to the silver screen alongside Marilyn Monroe in the 1956 film, “Bus Stop.” Now, the North Fork Store is in yet another chapter as a stunning single-family home. [...]
New meets old in this charming and modern Sun Valley home
By Kate Hull
Many might have overlooked the potential of the aging ranch house situated on a scenic, nine-and-a-half-acre landscape, but the owners of the Marshall Equestrian Ranch knew the house had good bones that were worthy of preservation. [...]
All the dirt on camping in the Wood River Valley
By Caroline Albro
From lakeside beaches to uninhabited desert expanses, Idaho has a plethora of camping options. But before pitching your tent, you’re going to need to know the basics of camping in Idaho and how to stay safe while getting the most out of your camping experience. [...]
Greater Idaho Movement threatens to broaden state borders
By Brent Lawson
Tired of living in a predominantly blue state, eastern Oregonians are creating legislation to join Idaho. The Greater Idaho Movement is driven by primarily agricultural communities desiring to maintain their rural values. [...]
The legacy and lore of Ketchum’s namesake
By Kate Hull
Ketchum’s early boomtown days are a colorful period of growth and progress. Yet amidst these early stories, the history of the town’s namesake, trapper and mountain man David Ketchum, still remains a bit muddled. [...]
Are we loving our mountains to death?
By Sarah Linville
Idaho was the fastest growing state in the nation in 2019, and that growth has led to a larger-than-normal influx of people to the Sawtooth Mountains and Stanley Basin. Are we prepared for the numbers? And how can we all do our part to save the Sawtooths and our other precious outdoor resources? [...]