The resurgence of a classic Sun Valley brand
Testing their products on Baldy’s terrain gave their brands instant street cred among discerning skiers and synonymized Sun Valley with pioneering innovation. Another local start-up, Reflex, continued this tradition as founder Gus Verge aimed to elevate the oft-overlooked ski pole to its highest form. [...]
The bliss and courage of a national Nordic champion
Kiesel’s belief in and support of Alison, as well as his waxing magic, allowed Alison to achieve her potential. That same year she had several top-10 places in competitions that are now called World Cup races, including a win at the first FIS World Cup race in Telemark, Wisconsin, though it was later proclaimed only a ‘test’ World Cup race. However, she placed second, seventh and eighth at the Holmenkollen, the Norwegian National Championships. [...]
The Elephant’s Perch dreamers reflect on their iconic journey
Bob and Kate Rosso have invested a quarter of a million hours over the last 46 years working to make The Elephant’s Perch the iconic destination in the Wood River Valley it is known for today. [...]
Frequent visitors to the Wood River Valley would be forgiven for thinking the area boasts just two ski hills: the mighty Baldy and diminutive Dollar. But for those in the know, a third ski hill located three miles west of Hailey holds a special place in the hearts of many locals: Rotarun. [...]
Blending Two Cultures—Cowboy Horsemanship and Wintersports—in the Wood River Valley
Traditional skijoring, roughly translated into “ski driving,” is a single skier pulled quickly by a reindeer, dog, snowmobile or horse through a snow-packed racecourse. American cowboys and ranchers took the sport and added Western elements. They made it rowdy. Western-equestrian skijoring typically consists of a team of three: a horse, rider and skier. The horse and rider pull a skier through a course as fast as possible. [...]
Will Science be the Answer to Our Snow Prayers?
By Brent Lawson
Are you hungry for more powder days off the top of Baldy? Are you tired of watching Jackson Hole’s winter reports dumping snow? Are you fed up with the lack of late-season irrigation water to get your last cutting of alfalfa? [...]
A taste of Italy - Old World charm meets Western ambiance
By Kate Hull
The classics remain just that for good reason. One step inside Ellen and Andrea Nasi’s Sun Valley home, the words [...]
The clean-energy revolution is unleashing a rush on cobalt, reviving old mines - and old questions - in a remote forest
By Michael Holtz
This article first appeared in The Atlantic on January 24, 2022. Re-printed with permission. On September 13, 2021, I took [...]
Retired U.S. Forest Ranger volunteers to care for forests across the globe
By Karen Bossick
A silviculturist once taught Paul Ries how to listen to the forest. “You can walk into the forest, and it’ll tell [...]
Strengthening community and mountain culture through the art world
By Jonathan Mentzer
Ten years ago, Leslie Jackson Chihuly had a vision, and what started as mere chairlift chatter for Chihuly eventually gained [...]