All the dirt on camping in the Wood River Valley
By Caroline Albro
From lakeside beaches to uninhabited desert expanses, Idaho has a plethora of camping options. But before pitching your tent, you’re going to need to know the basics of camping in Idaho and how to stay safe while getting the most out of your camping experience. [...]
Greater Idaho Movement threatens to broaden state borders
By Brent Lawson
Tired of living in a predominantly blue state, eastern Oregonians are creating legislation to join Idaho. The Greater Idaho Movement is driven by primarily agricultural communities desiring to maintain their rural values. [...]
The legacy and lore of Ketchum’s namesake
By Kate Hull
Ketchum’s early boomtown days are a colorful period of growth and progress. Yet amidst these early stories, the history of the town’s namesake, trapper and mountain man David Ketchum, still remains a bit muddled. [...]
Are we loving our mountains to death?
By Sarah Linville
Idaho was the fastest growing state in the nation in 2019, and that growth has led to a larger-than-normal influx of people to the Sawtooth Mountains and Stanley Basin. Are we prepared for the numbers? And how can we all do our part to save the Sawtooths and our other precious outdoor resources? [...]
An Ancient Bird, Still a Mystery to Humans
By By Laurie Sammis
Dark, mysterious and noble creatures, owls have been both revered and feared throughout history dating as far back as the earliest civilizations. The Romans feared owls, believing that they were harbingers of death, while the Greeks saw them as great protectors, with the owl depicted as the sacred mascot of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and the arts. [...]
Spreading the Stoke Through Bikepacking
By Dick Dorworth
How one man and his bike are impacting the bikepacking world through their altruistic efforts [...]
Nez Perce heritage brings entrepreneur from prison to prosperity
By Julia Duin
During her darkest days, the undulating melodic quality of her grandfather’s songs were what inspired Stacia Morfin the most. Morfin, whose Indian name is One Who Takes Care of Water, was serving a three-year stint at a federal prison in Victorville, California, when the words to the Nez Perce flag song came to mind... [...]
Hunter and survival guide finds freedom in letting go
By Kitt Doucette
The practice of minimalism influences everything Benji Hill does. He became a survivalist, studying the ancient techniques of building shelters and creating fire. He hunts with bows and arrows he makes himself, and he uses pack goats to help him explore those deep untouched wilderness areas that he’s most interested in. [...]
Pursuit of a Long Happy Life
By Jake Moe
The passion and dedication Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams devote toward their health and wellness is beyond belief. Their secrets to a life well lived. [...]
Zac Mayhew has always been hooked on angling
By Mike Mckenna
Zac Mayhew has always been hooked on angling [...]