E-Bikes Find a Niche in the Wood River Valley
By By Karen Bossick
E-bikes, which have electric motors that assist pedal power, were a bit of a tough sell when they made their debut in Sun Valley 15 years ago. They’re all the rage now, thanks to bikes that weigh under 40 pounds and have a range of 50 miles or more ... [...]
Worth the Weight
By By Kira Tenney
While to some the fusion of trail running and ultralight backpacking known as “fastpacking” means slimming down to rationed energy chews and freeze-dried meals, three Wood River Valley locals adventure with luxury essentials: chocolate, cheese, salami, and wine. [...]
Ketchum's dark skies offer tremendous stargazing sights
By By Andy Kerstetter
  Although we now know the northern lights are a result of solar winds interacting with particles in the upper [...]
Camper van rentals extend the camping season
By By Jamie Hausman
I wake to the sound of footsteps crunching the gravel outside the van as my brother-in-law paces between the camp [...]
Advice for solo female travelers
By By Emilee Mae Struss
“Table for one,” can be an intimidating phrase for one to use. Perhaps embarrassing. I’ve been there. Walking into a [...]
The sometimes miserable, always challenging sport of ice climbing
By By Hayden Seder
There is a sport flying under the radar of southern Idaho; one where participants willingly head out into freezing temperatures, [...]
Fall hikes to see the colors
By By Karen Bossick
The East gets all the hype when it comes to fall colors. But fall in Sun Valley is golden. Yellow [...]
Sheepdog Trials in the Wood River Valley
By By Bryant Dunn
Idaho folklore suggests that, in the 1860s, John Hailey herded the first flock of sheep through the Wood River Valley. [...]
Wood River Trails Coalition adjusts its mission to engage multi-users
By By Sarah Linville
People come to the Wood River Valley for the trails. They bring their bikes, their running shoes, horses and dogs [...]
Where to take a nice summer swim
By By Karen Bossick
Every summer John Abell holds court over what may be one of Sun Valley’s best-kept secrets. That would be Sun [...]