An iconic Idaho prairie offers beauty, wildlife and history
By Leland Howard
“Well, that should make for some good photographs.” I smiled and heartily agreed with another visitor as we gazed on [...]
Overnight in some of Idaho's wildest remote mountain outposts
By Laurie Sammis
Romantic. Wild. Untouched. Fire lookouts offer a remote and off-grid respite, with miles upon miles of jagged mountain lines marching across [...]
A guide to fly fishing in the Valley
By Kira Tenney
The Zen of the river is multi-dimensional. An entire world lives under unturned rocks, an interconnected system connects remote headwaters [...]
The jewel of the Sawtooths
By Kate Hull
  When your backyard is a mountain playground, you may wonder where you might travel for an extra dose of [...]
Heli skiing gets powderhounds closer to nirvana 
By Aaron Hill
Taking a helicopter to remote mountaintops for the chance to ski untracked powder is often seen as something reserved for the most daring. But after sitting down with Sun Valley Heli Ski, I found out heli skiing is attainable for any intermediate skier, if you know a few basics before you go. [...]
Snowmobiling pushes past the limits
By Sarah Linville
Like many outdoor recreational sports, snowmobiling popularity is on the rise, and yes, it is a sport. We’ve managed to [...]
Why pack goats are the ultimate backcountry companion
By Aaron Hill
Popularized by biologist John Mionczynski in the 1980s in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, goat packing can help you boldly go on any backcountry adventure in comfort and style. [...]
The rise in popularity of gravel biking
By Lori Eggers Currie
The past five years have seen an explosion in gravel biking for a few reasons: people want to explore, get off the main roads, away from cars and crowds and into some adventure. [...]
Day river trips that will float your boat
By Kira Tenney
Nothing says summer quite like floating down a river. And there are no shortages of destination day trips around the Wood River Valley. From the Salmon River outside of Stanley, to the Snake River near Hagerman, to the Payette River north of Boise, options are extensive. There is a range from relaxing floats to action-packed whitewater and everything in between. [...]
Pickleball volleys its way into the Valley
By Reid Arthur
If you go by a park these days, you are more apt to hear players congratulating each other for a successful “dink” or “third shot drop” rather than a powerful ace on a nearby tennis court. Simply put, pickleball is more accessible, and just more fun, for most people than other racquet sports. [...]