Five rafting trips to take this summer
While there are many raft trip outfitters in the area—too many to fit here—we’ve picked five of our favorites who offer a variety of trips to meet your needs this summer. [...]
Trails, technologies and local shops help grow this snow sport
Fat bikes are much like regular bikes, except their frames are built to hold a bigger tire, making it easier to glide over the snow. Think of it as pulling out your wide powder skis or board to help you float over the snow much more effortlessly. [...]
An homage to Idaho's rich history of homesteading
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North of Ketchum at the edge of Chocolate Gulch toward the north fork of the Big Wood River, a sweeping [...]
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12 places to beat the summer heat
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Reservoirs have been an essential part of human existence for thousands of years, with the oldest known dam—the Jawa Dam [...]
A guide to fly fishing in the Valley
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The Zen of the river is multi-dimensional. An entire world lives under unturned rocks, an interconnected system connects remote headwaters [...]
Three excellent trail running adventures
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There’s a reason it’s called “runner’s high.” That feeling of euphoria you get after a long run is the real [...]
Fueling your body for optimum performance
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The heady days of summer in Sun Valley can beguile us with ample Aspen-filled hikes to crispy cool summits and [...]
An iconic Idaho prairie offers beauty, wildlife and history
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“Well, that should make for some good photographs.” I smiled and heartily agreed with another visitor as we gazed on [...]