Ancient and Alternative Remedies for a Quicker Recovery
Across the country, the wellness market is booming. In Silicon Valley, techies swoon over touchless spas, and New Yorkers download stress-tracking apps to help curb anxiety. Online companies like Goop promote “8 Crystals for Better Energy,” and popular meal delivery kits come complete with nutritional supplements, probiotics, detox tinctures and teas. [...]
The many health benefits of cannabidiol
By Blair Lauren Brown
Cannabidiol (CBD) has become popular during the past several years—and for good reason. It is a jack of all trades. [...]
The stone-cold facts on gemstone therapy
By Julie Bell
Throughout time, people have believed in the healing properties of gemstones. Ancient Egyptians adorned themselves in amethysts and jasper. Ancient [...]
The healing power of pets
By Julie Bell
Animals hold a special place in our hearts, and nowhere is this truer than Sun Valley, where it’s been said [...]
Hydration tips to keep winter dryness at bay
By Lori Currie
Living in a subarctic, high-altitude environment like Sun Valley—at 5,945 feet above sea level—means the lower humidity dries out your skin. Combine that with extreme temperature swings in short periods of time and less oxygen in the atmosphere, and you’ve got a recipe for skin damage. Read on for some expert tips on how to combat winter dryness. [...]
Ski conditioning on the ViPR
By Michol Dalcourt
It started with a simple question: “If a farm kid wrestled a city kid, and you were a betting person, where’s [...]
World-class speakers converge for Sun Valley Wellness Festival
By Lori Eggers Currie
Wellness, as a lifestyle, has reached new importance due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic this past year. The Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference (SVWFC) has been on the forefront of the wellness movement for decades. [...]
Why sleep is Mother Nature’s best effort at immortality
By Lori Eggers Currie
In millions of households around the world, specifically those in industrialized nations, two-thirds of adults fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of nightly sleep. If you are one of those individuals for whom a good night’s sleep remains elusive, check out these tips on how to get (and stay!) soundly asleep. [...]
Exercises to build strength and flexibility
By Sarah Linville
Exercises to build strength and flexibility [...]
How PEMF Therapy Works With Circulation in the Body
By Laurie Sammis
How PEMF Therapy Works With Circulation in the Body [...]