Aligning Life with Scottish Highland Cows
By Jamie Truppi | Photos Hillary Maybery
Scottish Highland cattle represent 1,500 years of breeding and is the only meat the Queen of England will eat—and have now landed happily in the Wood River Valley. [...]
Wearable art rooted in traditions
By Kate Hull
Just three hours from Sun Valley, the Fort Hall Indian Reservation is home to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes who have lived for centuries in the Intermountain West, which is where Elizabeth Bunce found inspiration to create Camas Designs [...]
Flourish Foundation’s Community MasquerAID Initiative
Words By Hayden Seder | Photos By Noah Koski
The saying “It takes a village” is an African proverb that refers to the raising of a child. For the Flourish Foundation’s Community MasquerAID Initiative, the saying seems appropriate since the project truly has involved so many members of the community coming together during a time of need. [...]
Sun Valley and Kitzbuhel, bound together from the beginning
By Dick Dorworth
Austria and the little town of Sun Valley, Idaho, have been connected since before Sun Valley was truly born. In [...]
Sun Valley rides the consolidation wave
by Hayden Seder
The ski industry has been experiencing a game-changer in the form of resort consolidation and passes like the Mountain Collective, [...]
Senior Projects 2019
By Hunter Diehl
  High School: Sun Valley Community School Post-Graduation Plans: Basic Cadet Training, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo. I [...]
Senior Projects 2019
By Lily Fitzgerald
  High School: Sun Valley Community School Post-Graduation Plans: Attending U.C., Berkeley Nelson Mandela once said, “The only assurance an [...]
Senior Projects 2019
By Landon Paschall
  High School: The Sage School Post-Graduation Plans: Attending the University of Colorado, Boulder The irrational drive of mountaineering creates [...]
Senior Projects 2019
By Sam Fenn
  High School: The Sage School Post-Graduation Plans: Attending St. Lawrence University in the fall Currently, people are increasingly disconnected [...]
Syringa Mountain School takes the Waldorf approach of experiential learning
By Jamie Truppi
A family festival held 15 years ago at The Mountain School in Bellevue was a ceremonial homage to the seasons [...]