Ever since Sun Valley’s Gretchen Fraser became the first American woman to win Olympic gold in alpine skiing at the [...]
Why Pete Sonntag relishes the “realness” of Sun Valley
Dick Dorworth
It has been a long, convoluted journey from upstate New York to Idaho for Pete Sonntag, but he brings impeccable credentials and a deep passion for skiing to his new job as Sun Valley Resort's new general manager. [...]
Enchanting dinner adventures powered by moonlight
Laurie Sammis
Whether you feel the need to howl at the moon, head up to Galena Lodge, a community-owned day lodge nestled in the Boulder Mountains 23 miles north of Ketchum, where they offer special full-moon dinners throughout the winter months. [...]
First Shift program removes barriers to trying the sport
Karen Bossick
Their hockey jerseys stretch nearly to the ice. And some resemble penguins as they waddle on their skates. But there could be future Wayne Gretzkys or Hillary Knights in the bunch. And they’ll never know until they try. [...]
Fourth-grader climbs all of Idaho’s 12,000-foot peaks
Kate Hull
On Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, Camden Patrie, who turned 10 on New Year’s Day, became the fourth person 10 years old or younger to scale all of nine of Idaho's 12,000 foot peaks. [...]
Where do Idaho’s birds and animals travel?
Laurie Sammis
Idaho is still a predominantly rural state and the large tracts of forest, riparian, woodlands, wetlands and shrub habitat, along with agricultural lands, means that many migrations still thrive. Here are a few highlights by hoof, fin, and wing. [...]
Pros and cons of dam removal on the lower Snake River
Brent Lawson
The Snake River dam removal has been one of the hottest environmental and energy debates in the western United States. [...]
Pioneer Cabin stands the test of time
Ben Bradley
Nestled at the base of Idaho’s imposing Pioneer Mountain peaks, Pioneer Cabin seems almost defiant in its remote, rugged location, epitomizing humanity’s innate desire to tame the wilderness. [...]
Idaho’s wolf kill law in the crosshairs
Brent Lawson
Despite its turbulent history, the Idaho wolf has, yet again, come to another interesting junction. In 2021, a new Senate bill, SB 1211, calls for Idaho’s wolf population to be reduced from its current estimated size of 1,556 wolves, back to the politically determined level of 150 wolves. [...]
Celebrating 25 years of rich experiences
Karen Bossick
The Trailing of the Sheep Festival was created to educate newcomers, who were complaining about sheep running down the bike path, on the history of sheep in the Valley. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the beloved event. [...]