Salmon River steelhead, lesser known than salmon, face equally difficult challenges
By Brent Lawson
While the plight of wild salmon is often the subject of great debate and policy fights, the challenges Salmon River [...]
The Western Sage Grouse's curious ritual
By By Adam Tanous | Photography by Nancy Whitehead
In the mind’s eye, what does one see when envisioning the West? Peaks piercing an impossibly blue sky? The icy [...]
The story of Idaho's water and its hold on a growing state
By By Adam Tanous
In the West, battles over water tend to get framed in terms of big abstract entities—municipalities, hydropower companies, agricultural conglomerates—wrestling [...]
How Land Use Shaped Idaho and the West
By BY Adam Tanous
The history of the U.S. government acquiring and subsequently disposing of its lands has had a dramatic effect on how the wide open spaces of the West have been preserved and how we as a people interact with those lands. [...]
How A New Era of Land Conservation May Save the West
By BY Adam Tanous
How A New Era of Land Conservation May Save the West [...]