Winter 2019 – Sun Valley Magazine
Winter 2019

Winter 2019

Contributors include By Dick Dorworth, by Hayden Seder, By Sarah Linville, By Hayden Seder, By Jamie Hausman, By Andy Kerstetter, By Emilee Mae Struss, By Laurie Sammis | Photography by Issias Miciu Nicolaevici, By Jennifer Liebrum, By Jennifer Liebrum | Photography by Kirsten Shultz, By Cheryl Haas
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Sun Valley and Kitzbuhel, bound together from the beginning
By By Dick Dorworth
Sun Valley rides the consolidation wave
By by Hayden Seder
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a treatment option for a number of conditions
By By Sarah Linville
Ketchum’s new ketamine clinic offers some a reprieve from depression
By By Hayden Seder
Camper van rentals extend the camping season
By By Jamie Hausman
Ketchum's dark skies offer tremendous stargazing sights
By By Andy Kerstetter
Advice for solo female travelers
By By Emilee Mae Struss
The sometimes miserable, always challenging sport of ice climbing
By By Hayden Seder
The passage of time on a river in Patagonia
By By Laurie Sammis | Photography by Issias Miciu Nicolaevici
Now 45, the Sun Valley Suns have put ‘fun’ back in the game
By By Hayden Seder
Nordic Town’s annual race and community fun-fest thrives
By By Dick Dorworth
‘Light Bearer and Shadow Player’
By By Jennifer Liebrum
Actor Scott Glenn and the poet rising from within
By By Jennifer Liebrum | Photography by Kirsten Shultz
Plein Air artists brave the cold to catch perfect moments
By By Andy Kerstetter
The Sun Valley Culinary Institute to open its doors after the New Year
By By Cheryl Haas