Winter 2018-2019

Winter 2018

Contributors include Kate Hull, By Karen Bossick, By Sarah Linville, By Winslow Brokaw, By Kate Hull, By Hayden Seder, By McKenna Koon, By Kira Tenney, Karen Bossick, Jennifer Liebrum, By Jenny Emery Davidson, Gwen Ashley Walters
table of contents
The Ketchum Innovation Center expands its mission.
By Kate Hull
The Argyros Center for the Performing Arts elevates the audience experience
By By Karen Bossick
Training Avalanche Search and Rescue Dogs
By By Sarah Linville
The Wood River Women’s Foundation leads the way with collective philanthropy
By By Winslow Brokaw
The Hot Water Inn offers a new model for housing and entertainment.
By By Kate Hull
Massage in its many styles
By By Hayden Seder
Building strength and stability for ski season
By By McKenna Koon
A look at Paleo, Keto, and Whole30
By By Karen Bossick
Filmmaker Hayley Stuart examines the true costs of ‘mega hydro’
By By Kira Tenney
The joys of snowshoeing
By Karen Bossick
Michael Massaia’s search for the ‘extraction of a moment’
By Jennifer Liebrum
Tara Westover on learning and leaving an Idaho mountain
By By Jenny Emery Davidson
Sun Valley Summer Symphony hosts its first ‘Winter Festival’
By By Karen Bossick
Winter’s Gift of Sunshine
By Gwen Ashley Walters