Winter 2015-2016
Winter 2015-2016
Winter 2015-2016
Contributors include Bryant Dunn, Laurie Sammis, Tal Roberts, Dick Dorworth, Adam Tanous, Matt Furber, Karen Bossick /, Matt Furber /, Ed Cannady, Julie Bramowitz, Danielle Flam, Dev Khalsa, Karen Bossick, Jon Duval, Gwen Ashley Walters /, Paulette Phlipot, Tessa Sheehan, Cheryl Haas, and Patti Murphy
table of contents
Sun Valley Hosts the U.S. Alpine Championships
BY Bryant Dunn
'The Power of the River: Expedition to the Heart of Water’
BY Laurie Sammis
Terry O’Connor, Curtis Bacca & Ben Verge
How a Community of the World's Fastest Skiers Built a Culture to Last
BY Dick Dorworth
Coming to Grips with Avalanches
BY Adam Tanous
From Sand to Snow, Fat Bikes take Hold
BY Matt Furber
Dollar Mountain Goes Big
BY Karen Bossick / PHOTOGRAPHY Tal Roberts
Congressman Simpson Triumphs in a Decade-Long Quest
BY Matt Furber / PHOTOGRAPHY Ed Cannady
Winter Fly Fishing in Sun Valley
BY Bryant Dunn
The Valley’s Preeminent Performing Arts Company Reflects on 20 Years in Hailey
BY Julie Bramowitz
A Conversation with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Sheri Fink
BY Adam Tanous
The Art of Gary Komarin
BY Danielle Flam
Young Girls, Big Ideas
Hailey’s Indoor Rink Is on Ice
BY Karen Bossick
A Proposal to Take Valley Athletes to the Next Level
BY Jon Duval
Dining on the Valley’s Best Game
BY Gwen Ashley Walters / PHOTOGRAPHY Paulette Phlipot
Barre Workouts Build Strength and Flexibility
BY Karen Bossick / PHOTOGRAPHY Tessa Sheehan
Botanicals Backed by Science
BY Cheryl Haas
Flourish Foundation Promotes Compassion and Self-Reflection
BY Patti Murphy