Summer 2018
Summer 2018
Summer 2018
Contributors include Laurie Sammis, Adam Tanous, Bryant Dunn, Adam Tanous |, Nancy Whitehead, Torrie Cope, Cheryl Haas, Jennifer Liebrum, Karen Bossick, McKenna Koon, Gwen Ashley Walters, Kira Tenney, and Sarah Linville
table of contents
Adventure in Idaho's remote backcountry airstrips
By Laurie Sammis
The story of Idaho's water and its hold on a growing state
By Adam Tanous
The mysterious cougar
By Bryant Dunn
The Western Sage Grouse's curious ritual
By Adam Tanous | Photography by Nancy Whitehead
Float, hike, bike, and ride your way through the Gem State’s wonders
By Torrie Cope
Making music with the Sun Valley Summer Symphony
By Cheryl Haas
Hung Liu validates the human condition and bucks the establishment
By Jennifer Liebrum
Ballet star Isabella Boylston returns home with Ballet Sun Valley
Karen Bossick
Four Valley leaders making a difference
Making a life in a resort town
By McKenna Koon
From bee to bottle
By Gwen Ashley Walters
Taking to the mat in the mountains
By Kira Tenney
A beginner's guide to the benefits of hot springs
By Sarah Linville
The importance of myofascial release
By McKenna Koon