Fall 2016
Fall 2016 - The Habitat Issue
Fall 2016 - The Habitat Issue

Our Fall 2016 publication of Sun Valley Magazine–The Habitat Issue–focuses on the best in home and design. We have dedicated an entire section to not only inspiring dream homes, but also the latest trends in kitchen design, home heating and backyard greenhouses. We also include our usual complement of award-winning writing: stories of people in the Wood River Valley doing remarkable things, not only here, but across the globe. Read about Pegan Brooke’s breathtaking art, the Supreme Court, emerging Idaho performers, sheepdogs, and the ever-expanding adventures available in our backyard.

Contributors include Adam Tanous, Kelly Hennessy, Jon Duval, Bryant Dunn, Laurie Sammis, Patti Murphy, Max Tanous, Annika Landis, Diana Price, Karen Bossick ;, Josh Wells, Kate Hull, Cheryl Haas;, and Heidi Long
table of contents
Hemingway and Pound and their pursuit of a common aesthetic
By Adam Tanous
Paragliders and speed flyers enjoy the ultimate view
By Jon Duval
The joy of upland game hunting
By Bryant Dunn
Susan Casey's exploration of water and dolphins
By Laurie Sammis
A conversation with Justice Stephen Breyer
By Adam Tanous
The contemplative art of Pegan Brooke
By Laurie Sammis
Community School expands residential program with Ketchum Campus
By Adam Tanous
Winter Sun Horse Park offers new facility for equestrians
By Kelly Hennessy
Sheepherding dogs and a time-honored tradition
By Patti Murphy
Living and working in a Brazilian slum
By Max Tanous
Serenity and self-knowledge through solitude
By Annika Landis
Common causes of back pain and preventive strategies
By Diana Price
Robotic-guided, minimally invasive spine surgery provides patient benefits
By Diana Price
Sandra and Bob Swan’s Northwood Retreat
By Karen Bossick ; Photography by Josh Wells
New trends for convenience and style in the kitchen
By Kate Hull
A Sun Valley home blends a rustic aesthetic with stunning views
By Cheryl Haas; Photography by Heidi Long
How globalization can thrive at the local level
By Kelly Hennessy
Alternative heating systems offer long-term savings and environmental benefits
By Kelly Hennessy