Fall 2015 – Sun Valley Magazine
Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Contributors include BY Jon Duval, BY Karen Bossick, BY Karen Bossick , BY Kelly Hennessy, Interviews BY Kelly Hennessy, BY Danielle Flam, BY Cheryl Haas, BY Patti Murphy, BY Bryant Dunn | PHOTOGRAPHY Ty Hartwick, TEXT & PHOTOGRAPHY Diane Josephy Peavey, BY Adam Tanous, BY Cheryl Haas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Brown, BY Laurel Holland | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Brown, PHOTOGRAPHY Ray J. Gadd, BY Laurie Sammis, PHOTOGRAPHY Amanda Nagy, Photography Ray J. Gadd
table of contents
Smart Homes Come of Age
By BY Jon Duval
A Couple’s Foray into Affordable Building
By BY Karen Bossick
What’s New in Valley Dining
By BY Karen Bossick
The Valley’s Hospitality Sector Takes Off
By BY Kelly Hennessy
Valuable Tips from Experts in the Field
By Interviews BY Kelly Hennessy
Valley Schools Harness the Environment for Learning
By BY Danielle Flam
Wow-Students Serve Their Community
By BY Kelly Hennessy
New Trends for Treating Yourself
By BY Cheryl Haas
How Understanding Dreams Can Help Guide Waking Lives
By BY Patti Murphy
From a Small Ketchum Company Comes an Elite National Dog Competition
By BY Patti Murphy
Nonprofit Makes Hunting Dreams Come True
By BY Bryant Dunn | PHOTOGRAPHY Ty Hartwick
Preserving a Family Ranch for All Time
By TEXT & PHOTOGRAPHY Diane Josephy Peavey
The Photography of David Burdeny
By BY Adam Tanous
How Virtual Installation Is Transforming the Industry of Art
By BY Adam Tanous
A Designer's Dream Comes True in West Ketchum
By BY Cheryl Haas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Brown
Creating Intimate Spaces in an Expansive Setting
By BY Laurel Holland | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Brown
Into the Minds of Three Sun Valley Craftsmen
The Search for Idaho’s Gold and How It Ushered in a New State
By BY Adam Tanous
The History & Art of Whiskey in the West
By BY Laurie Sammis
Fabulous Finds for the Home
By Photography Ray J. Gadd