FeatureProfile July 1, 2021

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

Pursuit of a Long Happy Life


“Mariel, Bobby…how long are you two going to live?”
“Forever!” says Bobby. “Excuse me!”  I retort.
“That’s right. We are on a trajectory to either live forever or live dynamically
until the end…whenever that is,” they both chime in.

The passion and dedication Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams devote toward their health and wellness is beyond belief. From sunup to sundown, they continually focus on what makes them the best that they can be—physically, mentally and emotionally.

Just one small example of that dedication is their morning routine. Before their feet hit the floor, a 10-minute stretching/breathing routine is conducted. Every part of their bodies is gradually awakened, stretched and warmed up. Then, they meditate to clear their minds for the day and center their souls.

After meditation, Bobby mixes a special water concoction that involves drinking a quart of oxygenated water mixed with vitalizer plus a dash of pure salt, 10 grams of perfect amino acids and a splash of cod liver oil.

Next comes 90 minutes of exercise, considered play for the two of them—either brisk hiking, cycling or rock climbing, yoga, paddle surfing or training on a playground they created at home. Their outdoor gym consists of a trampoline, rope ladders, archery range, large tires, Kettlebells, a Schwinn Airdyne bike, a SkiErg Rower, gymnastics equipment, a climbing wall and a tumbling mat.

The pair also set aside an hour in the afternoon for more movement—yoga for Mariel and grappling and MMA against local fighters for Bobby.

This active lifestyle requires a diet up to the task. On the go, they make their own green drinks and smoothies, but on most days, the breakfast menu is best described as BIG: coconut cream yogurt, various organic fruits and berries, eggs, chicken apple sausages or smoked salmon. For special breakfasts, Mariel’s famous probiotic waffles— gluten-free, protein-rich and Paleo—draw rave reviews from all of their visitors.

Lunch generally consists of salmon salad or rare-to-raw buffalo meat, green beans, probiotic shakes and more fruit. For dinner, a wide array of menu options is considered including baked chicken, sweet potatoes and “lots and lots of salads.”

The philosophy of an active, fulfilled life for Mariel and Bobby involves recognizing and interacting with what they call the “Seven Doctors of Existence”—Doctor Sun, Doctor Air, Doctor Water, Doctor Earth, Doctor Exercise, Doctor Nutrition and Doctor Rest.

Mariel and Bobby also utilize the latest advancements in technology in their quest for vibrant living. These include frequency therapy (lighting sound vibration magnets), infrared saunas, ice baths, hypobaric chambers, hyperbaric chambers, cryotherapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, Bee Beds, sensory deprivation float tanks and river and ocean plunges.

Where did this extreme obsession toward wellness come from? For Mariel, the examples of body abuse go back to her great-grandfather and then to grandfather Papa Hemingway. The latter’s tales of drinking and excess are legendary. For Bobby, the examples are a history of athletic achievement. His grandfather, a football player and wrestler, boxed with Joe Louis and Billy Conn in the ring, and his father built and raced cars and motorcycles on the East Coast in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Bobby has continued that strive for excellence in his profession, first as a U.S. Olympic Trials wrestler and then during his years as a stuntman in a score of Hollywood films and TV commercials.


Mariel Hemingway reaching new heights

Mariel and Bobby have been channeling their obsession and passion for healthy living into their new health and wellness brand, Williams & Hemingway, the mission of which is to help people of all ages to live long, happy and healthy lives.

For the last seven years, Mariel and Bobby have been working with the Mayo Clinic in the development of the Stratosphere ATC Chamber. The Stratosphere has the ability to take clients above the elevation of Mt. Everest in a matter of minutes and then “bring them back to earth.”

Dr. Bruce Johnson of the Mayo Clinic has conducted expansive studies at Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro in the benefits of elevation in regenerative health from cardio and pulmonary studies and stem cell and immune function. The research has looked closely at the Sherpas in Nepal as clear examples of what living and training at altitude does for restoring health and creating wellness.

Now that the research has neared completion, the first Stratosphere is in operation at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. And the list of interested parties having access to a Stratosphere Chamber is very impressive, from Naval and Air Force pilots to professional athletes.

Mariel and Bobby have a much wider focus, however. Due to the many health benefits of the Stratosphere, they are interested in bringing this technology to the general public, most notably to the Wood River Valley, in the near future.

Mariel and Bobby have adopted vibrant habits that place the highest value on wellness, positivity, thankfulness and fun. With these attributes, the chances of a long life are practically guaranteed.

Photo credit Mark Squires

This article appears in the Summer 2021 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.