Community August 21, 2008

Why We Live Here

Final Thoughts on Life in the Wood River Valley

It’s the white stuff that distinguishes these months from the rest.

Time to shake the moth balls off the cashmere, get fitted for the perfect boots, grab a shovel and get the cardio to complement those Pilates drills. It’s Scrabble with the family; homemade soup on the stove; friends and your favorite four-leged companion by the fire.

It’s the reason why we are strapping on our snowshoes and skis and warming up those sleds—or building a snow box for the derby. It’s a ski patroller’s raison d’etre, and respected adversary. Finally, it is a sign that the cycle of nature is on track with a promise of a bountiful garden, a hearty river and plenty of anticipation for the coming spring.

This article appears in the Winter 2007 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.