Community April 01, 2014
A gathering place for kids

The “HUB” is Blaine County Recreation District’s (BCRD) 2,500-square-foot, kid-friendly space inside the Hailey Community Campus. It’s a place for youngsters to unwind after school, during holiday breaks and in the summer (basically, any time they’re not in school). 

 “Like the ‘hub’ of a wheel, this is a central point for kids to gather and then branch outward into the community and the outdoors,” explains BCRD recreation director Dave Keir. “Here at the BCRD we want to promote active and healthy people, starting as young as possible.”

  With a multi-purpose gymnasium, bouncy castle, mini rock-climbing wall, and playroom including an indoor tree fort and swinging hammocks, the HUB is basically kid paradise. Organized programs include kids yoga and theater camp, with regular activities like sledding and Tae Kwon Do, to name a few. There are also weekly field trips to places like the Hailey Skate Park, snowshoeing at Galena Lodge or swimming at  the nearby Aquatic Center. The BCRD also offers youth sports year-round, including t-ball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and track and field.

  The HUB’s programs have been growing rapidly in recent years, with anywhere from 40-70 kids showing up daily. Open most days and times that parents are working, and licensed in Idaho as a childcare provider, the HUB has become a staple for families in the Wood River Valley. “We’re here for the working parents of the community,” says Dave.