Community May 7, 2012

Moyo Tian (Movement)

Age: 14
School: The Community School
Siblings: Older brother, Averell
Pets: A cat named Hermione
Company: Footlight Dance Studio
Styles: Ballet, Jazz, Modern


Born in Singapore, Moyo Tian moved to the Valley when she was just two. A gifted student, last summer Moyo took part in the highly acclaimed John Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth. She is also a gifted dancer. Moyo has danced throughout the Wood River Valley, including performances at local schools each winter.


How long have you been dancing?

Since I was four, but I only took Ballet through the sixth grade. In seventh grade I started taking Jazz and Modern and I really enjoy the variety. Dancing has always been there and I don’t know what I’d do without it.


Does dancing come naturally for you?

It doesn’t come extremely naturally at all. I definitely have to work at it. There are days when I don’t want to dance, but I always come out happy that I have.


How often do you dance?

Three days a week, twice a day and we do some Pilates.


Do you enjoy performing?

It’s fun to perform and we really get to bond between dances. We have a really close company. We’re not a competitive dance team so I like that we have to work together and be a team, but still have moments to show off your individual talent.


What’s your favorite class in school?

I’m kind of a math nerd. I’m very science and math oriented in school. Not so much artistic driven, which is one of the things I like about dance, it’s so precise.


Favorite ice cream?

Girl Scout’s Thin Mint Cookie ice cream!


Do you have any other sports or hobbies?

I play on the volleyball team and I want to go out for track. I used to ski race and I also love to cook and bake.


Favorite Book?

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.


Favorite "kids" food?

Animal Crackers and I like Asian food. I love when we go back to Singapore because there’s so much food there. But my mom is from Oklahoma so I like a lot of American food, too.




This article appears in the Spring 2012 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.