Adventure October 8, 2010

From the Shop to the Top

It’s one thing to gaze upward and marvel at Baldy’s beauty, but it’s quite another to run from the bottom to the top of that steep slope! Yet that’s exactly what happens during the Elephant Perch’s annual From the Shop to the Top race. Neither the 3,300-foot vertical gain nor the six-mile distance deters this rugged group of runners and walkers. The quickest run to the top is under an hour, but participants who enjoy running or walking at a slower, more comfortable pace are also encouraged to join the fun.

Runners begin at the Elephant’s Perch in downtown Ketchum, while walkers start at the River Run parking lot. Each group follows the Bald Mountain Trail from the base of Baldy to the Lookout Restaurant.

This year’s From the Shop to the Top takes place on Saturday, August 24. Walkers start at 8 a.m., runners at 9 a.m. For information, call the Elephant’s Perch at 208.726.3497 or visit their website at




This article appears in the Summer 2002 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.