Weddings October 21, 2010

Wedding Tips Volume 3

Danielle Richter & Bo South
Danielle and Bo met at the Warm Springs Ranch Restaurant, where he was a bartender and she was a waitress. Four years later, on July 12, 2003, they tied the knot at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Ketchum. Their reception was held on the Warm Springs Golf Course. “Make it a vacation for your out-of-town guests,” Danielle advises. “Sun Valley is hard to get to, and people travel a long way. So you want them to have fun while they’re here. We organized golf games and a float trip down the South Fork of the Payette. We really wanted to give people a sense of what Sun Valley is all about.” Photography by Jane McCann


Carrie James & Clint Lightner
Carrie and Clint were introduced by a mutual friend at a Warren Miller movie eight years ago. Their ceremony and reception were held at Trail Creek Cabin on August 23, 2003. “Don’t get caught up in all the details,” Carrie says. “Recruit family and friends who are willing to run interference for you. We didn’t hire a wedding coordinator, so I delegated a lot of the planning duties to my mom and my sister. I wanted to enjoy my wedding day instead of getting bogged down with all the last-minute stuff.” Photography by Kirsten Shultz


Lisa Krueger & Tod Gunter
Fate brought Lisa and Tod together. He was packing up for his move from Boise to Hailey when she jogged by with her dogs. Despite the long distance, they started dating and, a year later, Lisa relocated to Hailey. On July 12, 2003, the couple had their wedding and reception in a meadow near Newman Creek, just off Baker Creek. “Spend some one-on-one time together before the wedding,” Lisa says. “The day before we got married, Tod and I had lunch alone. It only lasted about half an hour, but it helped us connect again in the midst of all the running around.”
Photography by Kirsten Shultz


Kirsten Gudeman & Piers Lamb
As students at Wood River High School, Kirsten and Piers were close friends. They went their separate ways for college, but returned to the Valley on summer breaks. One day, when
hiking Carbonate, they ran into each other—and sparks flew. On September 13, 2003, they took their vows in Senate Meadows, with a reception to follow at Galena Lodge. “Make it your own,” says Kirsten. “Everyone has an opinion about what your wedding should be like. There can be a lot of pressure to invite certain people or do things a certain way. Just remember that it’s your day.”
Photography by Jane McCann



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