Arts December 12, 2011

Summer Art Scene


Water-inspired art


In a place as steeped in culture and enraptured with water as the Wood River Valley, it’s only fitting that the two would eventually clash—and that the results would be breathtaking. Here we highlight a handful of water-inspired artists showing in and around Sun Valley this summer.

Yehouda Chaki’s “After the Toba River”Yehouda Chaki

Born in Athens and educated in Tel Aviv and Paris, Yehouda Chaki is the artistic advisor at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal. Chaki’s work has been described as “a collision of the outside world with the artist’s innermost visceral perceptions.” His landscape and still-life paintings are created by selecting and assembling commonly known elements of nature so as to present us with a newly ordered vision of the world.

Chaki’s work will appear as part of Gallery Denovo’s 10th anniversary show in July.


Robert Moore

Robert Moore’s version of Redfish Lake; Possessing a sincerity and courtesy reflective of his Idaho farm upbringing, Robert Moore was born in Burley and raised near the Snake River, which sparked his appreciation for nature. Sensitivity to his subject combined with an impressionistic flair characterize Moore’s landscape and still-life paintings. His use of vivid colors and frequent high-keyed values reveal a spiritually inspired joy. Moore’s work truly calls to Gem State lovers, especially his stunning collection of aspen-inspired pieces and his enchanting oil on canvas of Redfish Lake.

Moore’s work will be featured at the Kneeland Gallery this summer.


Megan Murphy

View Megan Murphy’s work at Ochi’s group show.Winner of the Portland Art Museum’s prestigious Contemporary Northwest Art Awards of 2011, Megan Murphy is originally from Washington, but now calls the Valley home. Her paintings are derived from photographs she has taken, which often include elements of water, and are digitally altered, printed on transparencies and laminated between mirror and low iron glass. Many thin layers of paint and text are applied atop the glass, producing an image that is very still, faintly seen through horizontal lines of text.

Murphy’s work will be exhibited as part of a group show at Ochi Gallery this summer.



Brittany Sanders

Sanders watercolors will be shown at Ochi Gallery.Success has come at a young age for painter and book artist, Brittany Sanders. At just 25, she was the youngest artist to appear at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) “Highlights from the Permanent Collection” show in 2004. Sanders’ work is in the permanent collections of a handful of the finest exhibitors in the country, including MOMA and the Getty Museum. Based part-time out of a studio in Sun Valley, Sanders’ work focuses on themes of the temporal moment and the perception of truth, and often includes elements of water.

Sanders’ work will be featured this August at the Ochi Gallery located in Ketchum.






This article appears in the Summer 2011 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.