Community September 29, 2011

Fine Details

Local Treasures


We asked four Wood River Valley design experts, Terri DeMun from Lone Star, Marina Broschofsky from Red Door Design House, Susan Flynt from em•bel•lish and Deanna Melin from the Vault, their thoughts on how to add antique treasures to your contemporary home. Here are their ideas.



Add antique treasures to your contemporary home.

1. Lone Star: Vintage industrial parts, add years of patina to this Found Object Lamp.
Add whimsy to any table top with this repurposed piece.
2. Red Door Design House: Hand-carved, unique Horse Heads lend a regal air to you home.
Herd them or separate them, they’ll carry the day regardless
3. em•bel•ish: Keats would have been proud of this urn-like objet d’art, lacquered
vibrant in just the right shade of Chinese Orange.
This Vintage Vessel adds the perfect touch of feng shui to a room.
4. em•bel•lish: Classics never go “out of style” as with the
Spanish Barcelona Chair inspired by ancient folding chairs worthy of kings.
5. em•bel•ish: Conjure civilizations past with this boldly textured
Decorative Ottoman covered in tapestries straight from the Silk Road.
6. Lone Star: You don’t have to wear Brooks Brothers to appreciate it.
Just take these repurposed Throw Pillows made from men’s suits and
toss them around your couch. You’ll feel like you’re in a Park Avenue penthouse.

Add antique treasures to your contemporary home.

7. Red Door Design House: Antique Industrial Wheels displayed on metal stands
in different sizes and heights add dimension to any space.
8. Red Door Design House: A natural twist on light comes in the form of this woodsy
Twig Lamp, providing a focal point with texture to any room.
9. Vault: Your pets will find a friend with this 16th century
St. Francis Relic, originally from the Glenn Janss Collection, wife of the late Bill Janss,
a one-time owner of the Sun Valley Company.
10. Red Door Design House: You don’t have to beach comb to bring the ocean home.
Just find the right spot for this Found Wood Candelabra.
11. Red Door Design House: A boat becomes Reclaimed Bench with this carved,
colorful piece taken from the wood of what was once a beloved vessel.







This article appears in the Fall 2011 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.