January 02, 2012
Britanie Poreba and Rex Furey

Britanie Taylor Poreba & Rex Taylor Furey

River Run Lodge, Sun Valley, Idaho

September 24th, 2011


Native Idahoans, Britanie and Rex, have known each other since elementary school in Boise. After loosing touch and then rekindling their love during college, these two lovebirds wed in a vintage themed celebration at the picturesque River Run Lodge. With special touches like a peacock ice luge, an elaborate hip-hop first dance, a classic getaway car, and ceremony traditions that included all of their friends and loved ones, this was a personal, memorable, and romantic celebration. Hear all about the beautiful details and where in the world you can get a peacock ice luge here.


We are both from Boise, Idaho.


Britanie is a pharmacist and Rex is a pre-law student.


We were both born and raised in the beautiful city of Boise, Idaho. We went to the same school starting in 3rd grade but we didn’t become friends until 7th grade.  From this point on, we were always friends. We secretly had a crush on each other but never dated and eventually lost touch over our college years.

In 2008, Britanie returned to Boise for her Thanksgiving break from WSU. Rex happened to be a roommate and best friend with one of Britanie’s friends and we reconnected instantly after not having seen each other for many years! We fell in love after just a week and have been together ever since. Rex quickly packed his bags and headed to Washington the following week and started attending the University of Idaho right across the border. Everybody thought we were crazy but we both knew it was meant to be.


We lived on the South Hill of Spokane, Washington and every evening we would drive to a scenic overlook that had many trails. It was our time to talk about our day and about life. This hill also had special meaning for Rex as his grandparents lived on the South Hill while he was growing up. His grandmother used to take him to get ice cream and share the afternoon on the hillside. This was a special tradition that the two of them shared and there was a special spot they would go to every time.

It was this spot where Rex choose to propose. We had just found out that we had been approved to move into a new house. It was a very big day for us and he decided that he wanted to start our new chapter engaged.  He took me out to dinner under the guise of celebrating our new home. I had no idea why he seemed SO nervous all through dinner. He was sweating and kept looking around the room nervously.

After just eating a large meal, I wasn’t exactly eager to go but Rex was very insistent that we go for a walk on our hillside. We stopped to look over the view and suddenly Rex was down on his knee with an open wooden box in his hand containing an engagement ring that he designed. I was so excited, we both cried and laughed and enjoyed the moment for a long time. It was even more special to us because Rex had lost his Grandmother the year before and on that hillside, it felt like she was looking down on us with her blessing.




Vintage with very understated peacock touches.


The traditional wedding march played by a trio of piano, drums and bass guitar.


“Bright Lights Bigger City” by Cee Lo Green.


Honey jars reading “Rex and Britanie, Meant to Bee” with bee charms tied around the jars.


A 1967 ivory and burgundy Rolls Royce drove us back to the Sun Valley Lodge where we were staying in the honeymoon suite. The driver took us for a couple laps around the town before heading back so we could wave to our guests who were downtown at the local bars. We felt like celebrities!


We are planning to go to Costa Rica this winter.


Everyone tells you what to expect on your wedding day but no one could have prepared me for how special our day truly was. The way everything came together was so amazing and we constantly relive and talk about our wedding.

We had everyone in the wedding party pass both of our wedding rings through their hands so that everyone standing with us will forever be a part of our family. After the ceremony, we took about 20 minutes just to step back and watch and appreciate everything that was happening was for us. We sat on the chairlift and watched the cocktail party with all of our loved ones, start to unfold and had a special moment just the two of us.

When we were introduced at the party for the first time and we walked down the majestic stairs at the River Run Lodge together, it truly was one of the most magical parts of our wedding. We choose a fast paced hip-hop song to dance to and we were so nervous for it. The song had a long musical introduction and the lyrics started when we hit the dance floor. Our first dance felt like a dream and we danced better than we ever had in our lives! It was magical and it surprised everyone! All our guests stood the entire first dance and cheered, laughed, and cried all at the same time!



Champagne, chocolate brown, turquoise and gold.


We wanted our guests who were all traveling from out of town and many from out of the state to have the option of fresh foods that were native to our home state of Idaho. Our menu included everything from appetizers like carpaccio rare tenderloin on toasted French bread, mushroom caps with brie and smoked salmon, to main course options of filet mignon with a pinot noir cause with garlic chive mashed potatoes and Idaho Ruby rainbow trout with a lemon truffle butter sauce and mushroom spinach risotto. Our cake was a lemon curd cake with fresh raspberries and blueberries.


We had a peacock ice louge that was one of the highlights of the night. The sculpture was so visually beautiful and our guests had a blast with it! Our signature cocktail was delicious. We had named it the “Tailored Martini,” because both of our middle names are Taylor. It was a combination of vanilla vodka, grapefruit juice, red and yellow pepper and basil. Sounds odd but they are delicious!

I also loved the beta fishes that were used as decorations on the bar, their coloring matched our theme and decor perfectly. The bear statue right behind the ceremony held a bouquet that matched the bridal party so he felt like part of the action. The moose statue in the reception area had a beautiful lei of flowers around his neck which tied him into the wedding also.


It’s hard to plan a wedding from out of stste because you can’t meet with anybody face to face. Everything planned has to be done with phone calls.  Having good recommendations and trusting our vendors made this challenge much easier. 



WEDDING PLANNER: Taylor Sturges of Taylor’d Events.

FLOWERS: Taylor Sturges of Taylor’d Events.

HAIR/MAKEUP BRIDE (AND MOTHER OF BRIDE): Jennifer Collins of Arroyo Salon in Boise.

HAIR/MAKEUP BRIDESMAIDS: Vertu Hairdressing, Ketchum.

DRESS/SHOES: Martina Liana/Jimmy Choo.

GROOMS ATTIRE: Joseph A. Bank brown tuxedos with champagne ties and vests.

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Ann Taylor champagne colored cocktail dresses. They wore Aldo feather shoes that matched the bottom of my wedding dress and also fit into the peacock-feather theme. They also had very elaborate necklaces from Spring Street Design Group from Nordstrom’s.

MUSIC: Joe Foss Trio for the ceremony and cocktail hour. For our wedding we had D.J. Lenny Joseph.

ICE SCULPUTURE: Ice is Nice from Star, Idaho.

FOOD: Sun Valley Resort.

DESSERT: Sun Valley Resort.

INVITES: Ijorere Invites, Chicago.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Thia Konig Photography, Sun Valley.

OFFICIANT: Robert Henley, Sun Valley.