The Perfect Daddy Gifts

Present Ideas for Him
Dad’s work hard. They’re sometimes … well, most of the time, upstaged by the magnificent multitasking Mom, but Dad’s role is not to be overlooked. So, on a day like Valentine's Day when most of the treats, the pampering and attention is lavished on Mom, why not share the love with Dad? 




Daddy Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast in a Basket recipe for Dad. Start the special day by making Dad breakfast in bed! This is a perfect Daddy-worthy breakfast—not too fancy or sweet, and sort of manly. It’s a take on the “Egg in the Basket” and you can customize it to your particular taste. This is an easy recipe perfect for getting the kids involved, and they will love the cute finished product.

A couple of pieces of multigrain toast

Use a cookie cutter or a sharp knife to cut a heart shape out of the bread. Place buttered bread in pan and crack and egg over the hole in the bread. Use a spatula to move around the white of the egg until it is cooked and the yoke is set. Remove toast and egg from pan and fry up the heart pieces in butter until brown and dripping with butter.
Feel free to add cheese and ham—make sure to work with Daddy’s discerning tastes and make it as yummy as it looks.


Gift Ideas for Dad

Here are a few ideas for Dads that they will appreciate and put to good use, including both store-bought and DIY ideas.


The Perfect Daddy Gifts from Sun Valley Magazine.1. BATHROBE & SLIPPERS

Get Dad some nice slippers or a bathrobe, like this one, which is both comfy and will look great coupled with his morning paper and coffee on the weekends.





The Perfect Daddy Gifts from Sun Valley Magazine.2. SHAVING KIT

A nice shaving kit is another good idea for a gift that will help to pamper Dad, and is something that he most likely won’t buy for himself.




The Perfect Daddy Gifts from Sun Valley Magazine.3. SOCKS

Socks are a no-brainer for busy dads who probably have a closet full of ratty ones in desperate need of replacement. Get some fun socks that will play off of Dad’s personality, and some that will stretch his fashion comfort level. 




The Perfect Daddy Gifts from Sun Valley Magazine.4. NICE SHIRTS

You can never go wrong with a casual button down, especially this one that is designed to look crisp and put together without being tucked in for a laid back weekend outing.





The Perfect Daddy Gifts from Sun Valley Magazine.5. HOMEMADE D.I.Y. APRON

This homemade apron is quite possibly the cutest Daddy present ever. Whether they like it or not, Dads are the permanent barbeque-masters of the home, and what more perfect way to honor that important job than to have your kids make them a cute apron for the summer pastime.

What you'll need:
White canvas apron
Fabric paints and paintbrushes

Prewash the apron and have your kids design a theme for the apron. They can sketch out the design beforehand, and let them be totally creative and paint anything that they think Dad might enjoy.


Funny Dad Cards

Here are some funny cards to give or make Dad whenever you feel like appreciating him!

Funny Father's Day Cards

Funny Father's Day Cards

Funny Dad Cards.

Funny Dad Cards.


Have fun shopping and creating for Dad on his special day— he deserves it!

Margot Ramsay is a Sun Valley local originally from Philadelphia, and when she's not chasing around her little son Angus or cooking her second baby, she's writing 360 blogs and nursing at St. Luke's Wood River Medical Clinic.

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