Pamper Yourself Zenergy-Style

How to make the most of a day at the Zenergy Health Club and Spa
Zenergy is a world-class destination, whether you live across town or across the country. Located just off of Saddle Road on the north end of Ketchum, it originally opened in 2001 but underwent renovations in 2012 to add an extra 4,800 square feet to the spa. With the recent expansion, there are more ways than ever to spoil yourself. Here are some of my personal favorites:
Gentle Yoga Stretch

Mornings are not my forte. Actually, waking up is not my forte. I don’t drink coffee. Gentle Yoga was a great way for me to begin my day. Movements were slow and deliberate with extended holds. It was free of the gravity-defying contortions that people more flexible than me can pull off. Light filtered through the floor to ceiling windows that face Baldy and I could almost hear the sun rise in the silence between breaths in and breaths out. Lying in Shavasana at the end, my extremities were abuzz with life—a sensation I wish could be induced by my alarm clock.

Executive Workout

Active rest is a critical part of any workout regime. And some days are just rest. When I’m feeling far from active (and grateful I managed to get out of bed) I opt for the Executive Workout. To warm up, I headed to the outdoor jacuzzi to soak up the views of Baldy, Warm Springs and Adam’s Gulch. The water spilled over into a six-lane saltwater pool. I could slither over the wall and glide under the glass surface—another day perhaps. Instead, I watched the others and got ready to get my sweat on in the steam room. The heat was intense from the intermittent blasts of eucalyptus-laced steam. I took deep breaths and felt my pores open and my sinuses clear. To cool down, I hit the showers. Some days, if I’m feeling bold, I stand in the cold water for as long as I can. Occasionally, I can make it to M in the alphabet song if I sing real fast. Not out loud. That would be weird.

Thai Massage

We all know we should stretch but sometimes we just don’t get around to it. That is how I ended up face down, fully clothed on a mat on the floor. If we were wrestling, Diane (the massage therapist) would be winning, though to my credit I wasn’t fighting back. Thai Massage is like passive yoga. Diane, who spent six months studying in Thailand, used her own arms and legs to deftly fold and unfold my body from various pretzel-like positions. Thai massage focuses on restoring energy flow by applying pressure along ten primary meridians of the body. It was intense at times, but I appreciated being able to touch my toes again afterward.

The Facial

“What is your current skin care routine?” asked Amber. My response was a blank stare. She took a deep breath and nodded, realizing she had her work cut out for her.  She explained each step as she went along. First cleansing, then exfoliating, followed by a mask to hydrate my skin that had been sucked dry in our desert climate. She used a product line that is handmade in Hungary, called Eminence. All of the ingredients were raw and organic, both important factors considering the skin is our largest organ and we absorb everything we apply to it. Not only did it feel superb to have my face massaged, the smells were delicious. Lemon, coconut and blueberry, oh my! When she finished, my skin was radiant. I really ought to start washing my face more often, I thought. For the record, I now do.

Hot Stone Massage

River lived in Hawaii for over 20 years before she arrived in the Valley six years ago. She knows warm and in the dead of winter, she made me feel like I was basking in the summer sun. The stones slid across my skin melting the muscles they passed over. Immediately, I was transported to my happy place. That place where dreams collide with reality—the line between conscious and unconscious. With a heavy sigh, I realized it takes some doing to come back from relaxation that deep. Did I mention I don’t like waking up?

Whether you are feeling ambitious or just want to relax, Zenergy Health Club and Spa has something for everyone. Nonmember spa treatments include use of the facility and access to classes. Combine your favorite workouts and treatments and make a day of it!

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