March 04, 2013
Nails by Shannon Bourn

Beauty is big business. According to the Professional Beauty Association, approximately $40 billion was spent in the United States at over 900,000 salon establishments last year. Sun Valley is in the unique position of being a small, rural town that is also fashion-forward. For this we rely on our local professionals to keep our appearances at their best.

Shannon Bourn is one of these particular locals. Peering out from underneath her brimmed cap with warm brown eyes, she tells me she is a native Idahoan. After growing up in Nampa, she migrated to the Wood River Valley where she has been in and out for the last 12 years. Shannon loves the beauty industry. Six years ago she decided to make a career of it and studied to be a nail technician at Academy Di Firenze in nearby Jerome.

We sit in the salon portion of the newly expanded spa at Zenergy, north of Ketchum, where they now offer nail and hair services. Shannon leans back in her chair, relaxed at the manicure station. She laughs easily as she banters with a co-worker who wanders through, bringing a comfort to the modern space displaying art from Gallery De Novo. The luxurious, laid-back atmosphere is a stark contrast to the salon where she did nails previously. Studio Boom in Colorado was an upbeat, loud and trendy place. When asked which she preferred, she didn’t hesitate in choosing her current location.

Esthetician and nail technician Aimee Harrison-Callahan at work at Zenergy.

Looking pretty and playing hard are not mutually exclusive. Shannon enjoys getting outdoors with her two dogs, Scrappy, a five-year-old Corgi Chihuahua mix, and Penny, a six-year-old Cocker Spaniel. You can find her soaking in hot springs, snowshoeing or gallivanting around Galena.

Shannon joins the ranks of the 1.1 million people who work in the personal appearance industry. Where do those professionals go for inspiration and to stay on top of trends? Shannon likes to turn to magazines such as InStyle, Marie Claire and Lucky. She also checks out Pinterest. (Some people can call falling down that rabbit hole at work “research and development.") What trends has she found for spring nail colors? Shannon reports it’s out with the jewel tones and in with the pastels like the Soft Shades by OPI.

What does she enjoy most about doing nails? “Making people feel fabulous,” says Shannon as she adjusts the striped scarf that loosely drapes around her neck, “and putting the finishing touches on someone’s look.” Swing by Zenergy to see what she can do for you.