November 05, 2012
Recapping Crosstoberfest
The results are in: The 8th annual was the best one yet!

 Despite cold and snowy conditions—which some cyclocross racers actually said was ideal—the 8th Annual Crosstoberfest was a huge success.

Big crowds of bike racing fans and beer lovers descended upon Old Cutter’s Park in Hailey for a weekend full of fun.

Loads of local families and racers from all over North America packed the park on Friday night and all day long on Saturday. And it appears everyone was thrilled with the combination cyclocross racing/beer festival.

“Everyone had an AMAZING time,” reports, Nancy Glick, who was the wonder woman behind the event. Crosstoberfest’s founder, Billy Olson, told the crowd it was the best one yet.

Big kudos goes out the staff and volunteers who made it happen, as well to Scott Sports and the BCRD for their incredible support. Sun Valley Magazine was proud to help sponsor and promote the event and we look forward to helping Crosstoberfest continue to grow. See you all next fall!


SCOTT Presents Crosstoberfest 2012 from Ride on Scott on Vimeo.

Race Results:

Mens 45+

  1. Dave Harrison
  2. Joel Brazil
  3. Michael Olenick
  4. Pete Ross
  5. Scott Grill
  6. Eric Rector
  7. Matt MOrrel
  8. Ray Liermann
  9. Eric Ruggeri
  10. Mike Kennedy
Cat 4 Men
  1. Josh Glick
  2. Zeb Stroeble-Haft
  3. Joel Zellers
  4. Sean Stephens
  5. Chris Wilson
Up  A Creek helped keep the crowd warm.Cat 123 men
  1. Troy Heithecker
  2. Cameron Jette
  3. Brad Walker
  4. Shawn Mitchell
  5. Brent Gorman
  6. Kyle Douglas
  7. Jason Sager
  8. Colton Hlavinger
  9. Ryan O’hara
  10. Cameron Lloyd
The 8th Annual Crosstoberfest deserved plenty of cheers. Mens 35+
  1. Scott Robinson
  2. Patt Schott
  3. Marc Driver
  1. Jena Greaser
  2. Kate Shanahan
  3. Brooke Hovey
  4. Laura Abbruzzese
  5. Brett Stevenson
  6. Amy Ambroiser
  7. Tina Pic
  8. Mary Brown
  9. Cameron King
  10. Erin Finnegan
  11. Susan Bernatas
  12. Linda Jones
  13. Lynn Wendt
  14. Joanne Lance Levy