July 13, 2011
Panache Fundraiser for Camp Rainbow Gold Brings the Red Carpet to Ketchum

The joint Panache-and-Gilman-Contemporary fundraiser for Camp Rainbow Gold last week transformed the both venues into fashion showrooms.

A red carpet outside the Gilman Contemporary Gallery on Wednesday paired with models on pedestals and the bumping bass of DJ McClain drew quite the crowd of curious onlookers and excited attendees.

Once inside the gallery, the intriguing photographs of Laurie Victor Kay complemented by cocktails, top-notch sushi (all prepared by the staff of Zou 75) and a touch of mood lighting allowed attendees to feel as though they had been transported out of downtown Ketchum and into the heart of New York or LA.

The gallery was packed for the two-hour preview of Diane Von Furstenberg’s (DVF) latest collection, and provided a who’s who of the Valley’s small but sensational fashion scene.

Left: Attendees chat and get cocktails; Right: A woman looks at the price tag on a dress that one of the models is wearing.










Few women set foot in the gallery without their newest dresses and finest heels, and many lucky ladies left the Panache showroom Thursday with their own DVF outfit. Von Furstenberg herself attended Thursday’s event and helped women decide which dresses made them feel great and fit their body the best.

Left: A model shows off her Diane Von Furstenberg dress; Right: Attendees admire the art in the Gilman Contemporary Gallery.










The clothing being sold featured a range of items from short and shirt combinations to DVF’s classic wrap dresses. Von Furstenberg is most well-known for her wrap dresses, which have managed to gracefully evolve with the ever-changing world of fashion since she designed the first one in 1974. Although it has been 37 years since DVF styles made their initial splash on the runway scene, generations of women were still oohing and ahhing over the outfits at the fundraiser.

The money raised by the event entry fees, along with a percentage of the cost of every dress will be donated to Camp Rainbow Gold, which Panache selected as a non-profit they wanted to fundraise for. Camp Rainbow Gold is a well-loved and invaluable camp for Idaho children diagnosed with cancer.

Left: Rob Cronin, director of Camp Rainbow Gold, socializes; Right: Chris Cronin receives applause during her speech.









During the DVF collection showing on Wednesday, both Rob and Chris Cronin, the director of Camp Rainbow Gold and his wife, and many supporters were present. Even some of the models were former campers who have overcome cancer and wanted to help raise money for the camp that supported them.

The Cronins said the turn out was everything they could have asked for, and that they loved seeing the community coming out and showing its support.

For more information on Camp Rainbow Gold visit www.camprainbowgold.org/.