Winter 2011
Winter 2011
Winter 2011
Contributors include Kira Elizabeth Tenney, Kristin Cheatwood, INTERVIEWED Emily Ruskovich, Gina Scanlon, Mike McKenna, Kirsten Shultz, Van Gordon Sauter, S Michael Wertz, Kevin Syms, Julie Gallagher, Kitt Doucette, Cody Doucette, Hillary Maybery, Interviews Hailey Tucker, s Charlotte Hemmings, and Steve Friess
table of contents
Heath Frisby and Isaac Sherbine
By Kira Elizabeth Tenney Photography Kristin Cheatwood
Locally-made skis, snow terrain parks, backcountry awareness, winter events.
An Interview with Idaho-Bred Novelist Marilynne Robinson
Richard Rush’s Abstract Representationalism
By Mike McKenna Photography Kirsten Shultz
Mysteries of the Wood River Valley
by Van Gordon Sauter ILLUSTRATIONS Michael Wertz
Things We Love
photography Kevin Syms
Swim team makes waves
By Julie Gallagher PHOTOGRAPHY Kevin Syms
Learning to ski with Alice Schernthanner
BY Kitt Doucette PHOTOGRAPH Cody Doucette
Valley locals make their mark
photography Hillary Maybery
Interviews by Hailey Tucker Illustrations by Charlotte Hemmings
The Sun ValleySin City Connection
by Steve Friess photography Kirsten Shultz