Winter 2008
Winter 2008
Winter 2008
Contributors include Jon Mentzer, Rick Bass, Nancy Whitehead, John Stifter, Jennifer Liebrum, Paulette Phlipot, Betsy Andrews Etchart, Eric Kiel, Elizabeth Coleman, Courtesy of Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Bridget Kinsella, Courtesy Ridley Pearson, Freddie Harris, Kendall Nelson, Dev Khalsa, Craig Wolfrom, Saul Turteltaub, Courtesy of Saul Turtletaub, Fran Jewell, Karen Bossick, Kim Mazik, and Crystal Lee Thurston
table of contents
Text: Jon Mentzer
Hunting as a Way of Life in the West
Text: Rick Bass Photography: Nancy Whitehead
Text: John Stifter
Youthful Exuberance, Training Make Excellent Competitors
Text: Jon Mentzer
Non-alcoholic, purely indulgent, hot chocolate as gift has endured the ages
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Paulette Phlipot
Seeing the forest in a new way
Text: Betsy Andrews Etchart Photography: Eric Kiel
The First Children's Arts Festival
Text: Elizabeth Coleman Photography: Courtesy of Sun Valley Center for the Arts
Sun Valley is the Locale of Authors' New Thriller
Text: Bridget Kinsella Photography: Courtesy Ridley Pearson
Text: Freddie Harris Photography: Kendall Nelson
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Dev Khalsa
Our Endless Affair with Man's Best Friend
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Craig Wolfrom
Text: Saul Turteltaub Photography: Courtesy of Saul Turtletaub
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Fran Jewell
Text: Kim Mazik
The faces of addiction may inspire you.
Text: Crystal Lee Thurston