Winter 2007
Winter 2007
Winter 2007
Contributors include Eleanor Jewett, Kenton Carrut, Kevin Syms, Jennifer Liebrum, Paulette Phlipot, Susan Bailey, Kim Wagner, Clarence Stilwill, Eric Kiel, Gina Knudson, Dev Khalsa, Dana Yelda, A. Stephens, Red Canoe Architecture PA, Martha Liebrum, Danny Wilcox Frazier/Redux, Courtesy of Sun Valley Performing Arts, Deb Gelet, Kendal Nelson, Faith Coben, Elissa Kline, Todd Meier, SVM's Senior Editor Martha Liebrum, Kirsten Shultz, Bonnie Vincent Garman, Kathryn Goldman, Courtesy of the Wood River Land Trust, Craig Wolfrom, Pamela Mason Davey, Laurie Sammis, and Crystal Lee Thurston
table of contents
Sharing the Valley's White Season With Your Kids
Text: Eleanor Jewett Photography: Kenton Carrut
Combo Pass Packs More Nordic Trails
Photography: Kevin Syms
You Don't Have to be an Expert to be in Their League
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Paulette Phlipot
Text: Susan Bailey Photography: Kim Wagner
Text: Clarence Stilwill Photography: Eric Kiel
Fun With Cardboard
Text: Eleanor Jewett Photography: Eric Kiel
Sun Valley Adaptive Sports Takes U.S Marines to Higher Ground
Text: Gina Knudson Photography: Dev Khalsa
Dance Theatre
Text: Dana Yelda Photography: A. Stephens
Sun Valley Center for the Arts Brings Programs Mid-Valley to Expand Reach
Text: Dana Yelda Illustration: Red Canoe Architecture PA
Costuming for Theatre Takes Time, Research and Talent.
Text: Dana Yelda Photography: Dev Khalsa
Text: Martha Liebrum Photography: Danny Wilcox Frazier/Redux
NexStage looking to own its Ketchum venue and more
Text: Dana Yelda Photography: Courtesy of Sun Valley Performing Arts
One of Sun Valley's most celebrated artists is among the most unknown here in his own hometown.
Text: Deb Gelet Photography: Kendal Nelson
Text: Faith Coben Photography: Elissa Kline
Music Teacher Dorinda Rendahl Gives Local Kids a Common Ground of Joy
Text: SVM's Senior Editor Martha Liebrum Photography: Kirsten Shultz
Blithe Spirits of the White Clouds
Text: Bonnie Vincent Garman Photograhy: Elissa Kline
The Big Wood River Better the Second Time Around
Text: Kathryn Goldman Photography: Courtesy of the Wood River Land Trust
Curious Visitors to this Historical Junction Get a Slice of Idaho's History
Text: Deb Gelet Photography: Craig Wolfrom
Sweep out the myths: That vision of Dick Van Dyke dancing like a crazy crow across the rooftops of London. Your image of chimney sweeps as rakish and carefree men in top hats and tails. The notion that they are men. It's Time to Sweep the Mindset Clean.
Text: Pamela Mason Davey Photography: Craig Wolfrom
Final Thoughts on Life in the Wood River Valley
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photograph: Todd Meier
Sue McCollum
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Kevin Syms
Finding Core Strength
Text: Laurie Sammis Photography: Paulette Phlipot
Planning Ahead for your Garden
Text: Crystal Lee Thurston Photography: Kevin Syms
Perfect with crackers, or just a blanket and a comfy chair
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Paulette Phlipot