Summer 2013
Summer 2013
Summer 2013
Contributors include kate elgee, laurie sammis, kira tenney, AND, Matthew Hayes, Mike McKenna /, Craig Wolfrom, Adam Tanous, Red Bull, Kate Elgee, Kristin Cheatwood, Jody Orr, and Julie Molema
table of contents
The Visual Storyteller
by kate elgee
Nate Scales
by kira tenney
Behind the Scenes of Idaho Rodeos
Holds on to its Character (and Characters)
BY Mike McKenna / PHOTOGRAPHY Craig Wolfrom
The High-Flying Adventures of Miles Daisher
BY Adam Tanous PHOTOGRAPHY Red Bull
The 2013 Sun Valley Summer Art Scene
BY Kate Elgee
The Sherbine Family
by kate elgee
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Kristin Cheatwood
Idaho's State Horse
BY Jody Orr
Local restaurants take advantageof home-grown food and products
BY Julie Molema
How One Sun Valley Bride Won Her Dream New York Wedding