Summer 2010
Summer 2010
Summer 2010
Contributors include Van Gordon Sauter, Craig Wolfrom, Zana Davey, Pamela Mason Davey, Patti Murphy, Wood River Valley High School Students, Debbie Hummel, courtesy Clear Springs Foods, Kirsten Shultz, Jason D.B. Kauffman, Woods Wheatcroft, Lillie Lancaster, INTERVIEWS Michael Ames, S Charlotte Hemmings, Michael Ames, Chris Pilaro, Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension horticulturalist, Paulette Phlipot, David Kirkpatrick, Dana DuGan, and Martha Liebrum
table of contents
Idaho's Food Scene
This Idaho Town Vol. I
BY Van Gordon Sauter PHOTOGRAPHY Craig Wolfrom
Volunteers are the soul of Blaine County’s Hunger Coalition
Zana Davey & Pamela Mason Davey Photography Craig Wolfrom
A distinct Old World culture brought culinary treasures to the Gem State.
BY Patti Murphy
By Wood River Valley High School Students
Fish farms help sustain the Magic Valley and respect the water they use
By Debbie Hummel Photography courtesy Clear Springs Foods
Final thoughts
Photograph Kirsten Shultz
Idaho’s Panhandle Crop
BY Jason D.B. Kauffman PHOTOGRAPHY Woods Wheatcroft
A Southern foodie finds more than smoke and potatoes
BY Lillie Lancaster
Valley Chefs Share Some Secrets
INTERVIEWS BY Michael Ames ILLUSTRATIONS Charlotte Hemmings
BY Michael Ames PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Pilaro
BY Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension horticulturalist PHOTOGRAPHY Paulette Phlipot
A promising new generation takes hold in the Snake River Plain
BY David Kirkpatrick
Getting down and dirty in modern victory gardens, the return of an American legacy.
BY Dana DuGan PHOTOGRAPHY Kirsten Shultz
Wellness, Inside and Out
Genevieve Cortese & Jared Padalecki
Text Martha Liebrum Photography Kirsten Shultz