Summer 2009
Summer 2009
Summer 2009
Contributors include Karen Bossick, Meagan Ryan Stasz, courtesy Mario Reis, Gail Severn Gallery, Matthew Hayes, Crystal Lee Thurston, courtesy Annie Vanderbilt, Lillie Lancaster, Glen Allison, Chad Walsh, Mark Oliver, Jennifer Liebrum and Tom Riney, Michael Edminster, Heather Farese King, Van Gordon Sauter, courtesy Oregon Trail Center, As told to Jennifer Liebrum, courtesy Trevor Patze, Jennifer Liebrum, Kirk Anderson, Megan Thomas, Dev Khalsa, and Craig Wolfrom
table of contents
Movie festivals provide education and entertainment
Text: Karen Bossick
Mario Reis paints with water
text: Meagan Ryan Stasz photograph: courtesy Mario Reis & Gail Severn Gallery
Idaho Highway Stories, Vol. 1, A Photographic Journey
Text: Matthew Hayes Photography: Matthew Hayes
Idaho Highway Stories Vol. 2
text: Matthew Hayes photography: Matthew Hayes
The Tragedies & Triumphs of a Middle-aged Heroine (a writer's challenging journey towards publication
text: Crystal Lee Thurston photography: courtesy Annie Vanderbilt
eat fresh!
Text: Lillie Lancaster
Tracing the roots of our food
text: Crystal Lee Thurston photography: Glen Allison
A Look at Some Bright Ideas Lit by Sun Valley’s Young People
Text: Chad Walsh Photography: Mark Oliver
text: Jennifer Liebrum and Tom Riney photography: Michael Edminster
How today's farmers are adapting to environmental demands
text: Heather Farese King
Tracing the historic route through the farms and small towns of Idaho.
text: Van Gordon Sauter Photography courtesy Oregon Trail Center
Little Sisters Fund
text: As told to Jennifer Liebrum Photography courtesy Trevor Patze
Looking Forward
TEXT Jennifer Liebrum PHOTOGRAPHY Kirk Anderson
Enjoying the Mountains by Foot
Text: Megan Thomas Photography: Dev Khalsa
In the case of Latham and Lyle, it means more than lasting a lifetime
TEXT Jennifer Liebrum PHOTOGRAPHY Dev Khalsa
And to beat the clock, Acee and Mitch’s friends and family rallied
TEXT Jennifer Liebrum PHOTOGRAPHY Craig Wolfrom