Summer 2006
Summer 2006
Summer 2006
Contributors include Buddy Levy, Terry Ring and William H. Mullins, Jennifer Liebrum, Paulette Phlipot, Betsy Andrews, Todd Meier, Clarence Stilwill, Kendall Nelson, Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D., Bob Brock, Courtesy of the Sawtooth United Football Club, Karen Bossick, Tim Brown and Courtesy of Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, Deb Gelet, Kirsten Shultz and Lee Grogan, Mark Johnstone, Craig Wolfrom, Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D. Tim Brown, Martha Liebrum, Courtesy of Ron Carlson, Courtesy of Sun Valley Gallery Association, Dana Yelda, Nancy Whitehead, Anna Mathieu, Laurie Sammis, Kristan Kennedy, Dev Khalsa, Eric Kiel, Chris Gardner, Kerry George, Ed.D., Glen Allison, Stacy Whitman, and Rachel Robertson
table of contents
Text: Buddy Levy Photography: Terry Ring and William H. Mullins
For the ultimate workout
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Paulette Phlipot
Rock climbing in the wood river valley is the introverted twin of the ski industry. She lives side-by-side with her limelight-loving sibling, but goes off to play quietly by herself.
Text: Betsy Andrews Photography: Todd Meier
They have the gift of grit, gab and glamour. They proudly carry the flag and they are guided by the Cowboy Code. They are legend. They are emulated. They are the ambassadors of rodeo.
Text: Clarence Stilwill Photography: Kendall Nelson
Words to live by
Text: Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D.
local kids epitomize good health, sportsmanship, and the game of soccer
Text: Bob Brock Photography: Courtesy of the Sawtooth United Football Club
Mini-Yellowstone Offers All the Nature Without the Crowds
Text: Karen Bossick Photography: Tim Brown and Courtesy of Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Text: Deb Gelet Photography: Kirsten Shultz and Lee Grogan
A study in contrasts
Text: Mark Johnstone
The art and science of fantastic frames
Text: Betsy Andrews Photography: Craig Wolfrom
Recording studio and bed and breakfast
Text: Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D. Tim Brown
Inspired by his college days and life after
Text: Martha Liebrum Photography: Courtesy of Ron Carlson
Arts Forum marks anniversary
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Courtesy of Sun Valley Gallery Association
Comfort in loss
Text: Dana Yelda Photography: Nancy Whitehead
Gallery Walks: art-rich and waste-free
Text: Jennifer Liebrum
All hail the chainsaw gang
Text: Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D. Tim Brown
Papoose Club "mothers" Valley's kids
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Anna Mathieu
The potato isn't for kids
Text: Jennifer Liebrum & Laurie Sammis Photography: Kendall Nelson
Prayer Wheel project unites people
Text: Kristan Kennedy Photography: Dev Khalsa
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Eric Kiel
Ancient Forests at the Skyline
La Dolce Vita Scooter Club
Text: Kerry Bozza-George, Ed.D. Photography: Chris Gardner
Text: Dana Yelda Photography: Paulette Phlipot
Teacher authors book of tools
Text: Kerry George, Ed.D. Photography: Dev Khalsa
Ski bum turned restaurateur turned author
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Glen Allison
Text: Stacy Whitman Photography: Rachel Robertson
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Rachel Robertson