Spring 2008
Spring 2008
Spring 2008
Contributors include Karen Bossick, Craig Wolfrom, Kathleen Turner, Dev Khalsa, Jennifer Liebrum, Martha Liebrum, Kirsten Shultz, Patti Murphy, H. Durston Saylor, courtesy of Arbonies King Vlock Architects, Woods Wheatcroft, Susan Bailey, and Fred Lindholm
table of contents
Text: Karen Bossick Photography: Craig Wolfrom
Tap Dancing: Fresh from the Faucet
Text: Kathleen Turner
Final Thoughts on Life in the Wood River Valley
PHotograph: Dev Khalsa
A Kid’s Room is the First Sanctuary, Make it Great.
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Dev Khalsa
Indoor Growing
Text: Martha Liebrum Photography: Kirsten Shultz
Where Flora Meets Form
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Kirsten Shultz
Inspired by the rustic design of Vermont's historic Shelburne Farms, the home is bright and cozy with a character unique to the area.
By Patti Murphy Photography: H. Durston Saylor, courtesy of Arbonies King Vlock Architects
Could you imagine a B-Frame?
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Woods Wheatcroft
Even Pros Struggle at Times to Create Their Dream Homes
Text: Susan Bailey Photography: Fred Lindholm