Fall 2010
Fall 2010
Fall 2010
Contributors include Dana Dugan, Dev Khalsa, Lynea Newcomer, Rick Vitullo, Jason D.B. Kauffman, Elizabeth Belts Kauffman, Steve Benson, Tim Brown, David Frey, Mark Oliver, Gina Scanlon, Debbie Hummel Cabin Profiles Hailey Tucker, Glen Allison, INTERVIEWS Jason D.B. Kauffman, and S Charlotte Hemmings
table of contents
BY Dana Dugan PHOTOGRAPHY Dev Khalsa
A Christmas Eve blackout raises the stakes on the Valley’s energy supply
BY Lynea Newcomer Illustration Rick Vitullo
The extraordinary, humble, colorful chicken makes a comeback
BY Jason D.B. Kauffman PHOTOGRAPHY Elizabeth Belts Kauffman & Jason D.B. Kauffman
While Aspen’s affordable housing market expands and a real working community prospers, Sun Valley’s flounders.
BY Steve Benson & Jason D.B. Kauffman
Turn your dream home into a reality
The Valley’s Customized Quarters
Photography Tim Brown
The writer’s legacy in the town that he helped transform
By David Frey Photography Mark Oliver Illustration Gina Scanlon
The Sawtooth Valley has provided generations with summer getaways
By Debbie Hummel Cabin Profiles By Hailey Tucker Photography Glen Allison
INTERVIEWS BY Jason D.B. Kauffman ILLUSTRATIONS Charlotte Hemmings
Photograph Mark Oliver