Fall 2008
Fall 2008
Fall 2008
Contributors include Jennifer Liebrum, Craig Wolfrom, Meagan Ryan Stasz, Ilona, Karen Bossick, Mark Oliver, Chad Walsh, sSergio Ramirez, Paulette Phlipot, Susan Bailey, Glen Allison, Cody Doucette, Crystal Lee Thurston, and Dev Khalsa
table of contents
TEXT: Jennifer Liebrum PHOTOGRAPHY: Craig Wolfrom
The strength of Helen Stone’s Hailey garden is its forgiving caretaker.
Text: Meagan Ryan Stasz Photography: Ilona
as windows to one’s personality
Text: Karen Bossick Photography: Mark Oliver
Reevaluating how we do things for better health in our homes
Text: Chad Walsh Illustrations: Sergio Ramirez
Fire pits allow entertaining outdoors no matter the weather.
TEXT: Karen Bossick PHOTOGRAPHY: Paulette Phlipot
Text: Susan Bailey Photography: Glen Allison
Why the Wood River Valley is One Big Public Space.
TEXT: Chad Walsh PHOTOGRAPHY: Cody Doucette
Chic results from innovative couples
Text: Crystal Lee Thurston Photography: Craig Wolfrom
New Looks Take Old Kitchens Into the Future
Text: Jennifer Liebrum Photography: Dev Khalsa