Fall 2006
Fall 2006
Fall 2006
Contributors include Freddie Harris, Sarah Murphy, Pedro G. Salom V., Mike Stevens, Craig Wolfrom, Crystal Lee Thurston, Kirsten Shultz, Karen Bossick, Courtesy of California Closet Company, Laurie Sammis, Kevin Syms, Lee Beeavance and Betsy Andrews, Eric Kiel, Jody Zarkos, Dev Khalsa, Kathleen Turner, and Tim Brown
table of contents
Sun Valley Style
Text: Freddie Harris Illustration: Sarah Murphy
Hobby Shopping Proves Lucrative
Text: Pedro G. Salom V. Photography: Mike Stevens
Final Thoughts on Life in the Wood River Valley
Photograph: Craig Wolfrom
Text: Crystal Lee Thurston Photography: Kirsten Shultz
Making Better Use of All Your Space
Text: Karen Bossick Photography: Courtesy of California Closet Company
Text: Laurie Sammis Photography: Kevin Syms
What These Crafstmen Produce is Homemade, but not Humble.
Text: Lee Beeavance and Betsy Andrews Photography: Eric Kiel
You are what you love
Text: Jody Zarkos Photography: Dev Khalsa
Text: Kathleen Turner Photography: Tim Brown