Fall 2003
Fall 2003
Fall 2003
Contributors include Lynn McCarthy, Hillary Maybery, Bill Lowe, Courtesy David Wright, provided Tobin Dougherty, Carolyn Wicklund, with permission from R. Greg Hursley, Kristin Poole, Tim Brown, Tony Evans, Gretchen Wagner, Thia Konig, Eleanor Jewett, and Kirsten Shultz
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Text Lynn McCarthy Photography Hillary Maybery
Text Bill Lowe Photography Courtesy David Wright, provided by Tobin Dougherty & Carolyn Wicklund, with permission from R. Greg Hursley
Architecture has been referred to as a useful as well as a high art–a combination of practical and abstract ideas that, when done well, can elevate the spirit.
Text Kristin Poole Photography Tim Brown
Text Gretchen Wagner Photography Thia Konig
Text Eleanor Jewett Photography Kirsten Shultz