Home & Design October 5, 2010

The Sweet Smells of Home

Homesickness can stay in your system. For years, even decades, a word, a scent, a thought can take you back with great longing to that place you call home. Indigo “Buffy” Dawson suffers deeply from the malady, longing for the Wood River Valley of her childhood while living far from its sights and scents. Born and raised in Ketchum thirty years ago, she remembers how quickly visitors came to love and miss her Valley, and she fully understands why they vowed to keep returning to this special area.

Wanting to find a way to keep Idaho close to her despite the miles, Indigo tried to imagine a hand-made product reflective of Idaho’s peace and calm. After much soul-searching, she decided to create the Sun Valley Soap Company.

Using fine natural ingredients, a tiny group of women lovingly hand-mills small batches of the high-quality soaps. The scents evoke memories: Sweet lemon grass, Idaho sage, and woodsy aromas fill surrounding spaces with the feeling of the high-desert mountains. The colorful labels are evocative of old Ketchum, and make the unopened soaps popular room décor. With names like Sawtooth, Papa, and Galena, the soaps and room spray promise to ease one’s longing until the next trip home.

Sun Valley Soap Company products can be found at Davies Reid, Atkinsons’ Market, and the Sun Valley Lodge Gift Shop. Visit www.sunvalleysoap.com or call 800.400.1623 for more information.




This article appears in the Winter 2003 Issue of Sun Valley Magazine.