Party Time!

  Another year has rolled by and your kiddos have begun to outgrow yet another size of clothing, they’ve learned new and exciting things in school and, more importantly, their birthday is right around the corner! If you’re having a tough time deciding what to do for the big day, try out some of these suggestions for a party that is both low-key and easy on the budget, but still jam-packed with fun. 

  Planning a kid’s birthday party. Snacks and food are important at any party, but especially at an active kid’s party at the park. The key is to provide food that both kids and adults will eat, so I suggest a few different types of snacks that are appealing for all palates. Healthy chips with a mild salsa are great, as well as hummus with veggies like baby carrots and snap peas, which are easy and yummy. For a main course, pasta salads or pizza are sure things for an outside party. I made an easy pesto pasta with peas at my son’s party, as well as wraps filled with turkey and veggies. They were a hit with both parents and kids, and helped to fuel the active little bodies.

  Picking party activities. Low-maintenance is important, so one great activity is cupcake decorating. It also serves a dual purpose—providing dessert as well as a “fun sit-down-and-take-a-rest-from-running-around activity.”         

I made some simple cupcakes and bought tons of sprinkles in lots of varieties and colors. The kids got to choose their cupcake and went to town with some creative sugar-filled fun. We also had a local gal do some phenomenal face-painting, which added more entertainment for both kids and adults.

  Wrap up the party. It’s always nice for the little guests to feel special on their way out, so inexpensive party favors are great. Grab a few little things (we’re talking miniature plastic Slinkys, curly straws or rubber bouncy balls)—anything that is silly and small, but that will make the party participants feel good as the festivities come to a close. Make sure that everyone gets a party favor—including an extra balloon if you have some and any other food leftovers—it’s less clean-up for you and ensures you send home happy party-going kiddos!

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