Local moms balance business and family

They’re everywhere these days. “Mompreneurs” are all over magazines, newspapers and online media and are proving that women can have it all; vibrant businesses and happy and healthy families.  Mompreneurs are defined as female business owners who actively balance the roles of mom and entrepreneur—and our Valley is home to many such mommy success stories. We talked to three amazing local women who make being mompreneurs look easy … well, sort of.  

Sarah Hedrick

Photo Courtesy Hedrick

 “I often fantasize about being home when the kids walk in from school to the smell of cookies on the counter and dinner in the oven,” Sarah Hedrick, owner of Iconoclast Books and mother to four very busy children, says. “But really, they’d think they’d walked into the wrong home—bless `em!”  Sarah, a widow since her husband Gary’s automobile accident five years ago, plays mom, dad and business owner from 5:30 am, when her day starts with making breakfast and school lunches, until midnight, when she says you’ll find her at the computer working “after the kids are in bed and the laundry is spinning.”  Sarah makes it all work by multitasking like a professional and thanks to tasty food from KB’s—”for the emergency nights when we’re at the bookstore until 7 pm and a home-cooked dinner just isn’t in the cards,” she says.  


Jamey Allsop Greene

Photo Courtesy Allsop

When Jamey Allsop Greene is not in meetings with buyers, attending trade shows around the world and generally building her brand, Allsop Home and Garden, you’ll find her experimenting in the kitchen with her children or enjoying mountain life with her husband, Adam. Jamey says that she continually works to “better her work/life balance” and that “running a business and being mom of two young children is challenging.”  While she readily admits that being a mompreneur isn’t easy, Jamey says, “in the end, I am so grateful for my husband, our two wonderful little people, and to love what I do. Nothing could be more rewarding!”


Dev Khalsa

Dev Khalsa’s job as a photojournalist is anything but predictable. On any given day, you might find her riding in a snowcat around Galena Summit taking sunrise shots, editing in her Hailey studio or snuggling with her six and three-year-old daughters. It’s all in a day’s work for this mompreneur. Dev says, “I knew that owning my own business wouldn’t be easy, but the flexibility that it allows is worth it.” And it helps that Dev absolutely loves her job. Dev says that she tries to use the challenges, like “not having normal business hours,” to her advantage and schedules around family commitments. Whether she’s running her kids to gymnastics or tearing up with her wedding and family portrait clients during photo-viewing sessions, Dev thoroughly enjoys her crazy life as a devoted mom and photographer. Pohoto courtesy Craig Wolfrom

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