Community April 01, 2014
Megan Murphy (Philanthropy)
A junior at Wood River High School, Meg Murphy has played an active role in the Flourish Foundation, a community service-based local non-profit. For the past year, she and 10 other students from area schools have met once a week to meditate, talk about assignments related to spreading compassion and work on book projects commissioned by the Dalai Lama.  Meg is part of the foundation’s “Compassionate Young Leaders” program and is, among other things, preparing for an exciting trip to India this summer with the Flourish Foundation. 
How did you get involved with the Flourish Foundation?
Through my sister and other friends.
What are your greatest achievements so far?

Learning compassion— giving a smile to everyone that you see and knowing that everyone fights their own battles. Working with the Flourish Foundation has changed my life and my perspective on everything.  
Why is the Wood River Valley a good place for your passion?  
This is a very spiritual place and we take for granted how beautiful it is here.
Any advice based on what you’ve learned from the Flourish Foundation?  
Be open to everything and take every opportunity that you can.  
Who are your biggest influences?
Ryan Redman (founder of Flourish Foundation), Janice Storey, my mom (Linda) and Scottie McGrew.
What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?  
Raspberry Gelato.
Who is you hero?
My sister.
What’s your favorite meal?
What’s your motto?
“This too shall pass.”
Do you participate in any sports?
Soccer, skiing and tennis, and I try to do one artistic thing, like painting, every day.
Favorite movie?
“The Breakfast Club.”
Favorite book?
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.
Favorite musician?
Of Monsters and Men.
Place you’d most like to visit?